Who Is America’s Real God? 

America’s true god is a deity of wrath, whose keenest followers profit mightily from war and see such gains as virtuous, while its most militant disciples, a crew of losing generals and failed Washington officials, routinely employ murderous violence across the globe. It contains multitudes, its name is legion, but if this deity must have one name, citing a need for some restraint, let it be known as the Pentagod.

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You would think doctors would be making the call on whether you get a breathing tube, but executives who control medical staffing contracts have ways of exerting pressure on physicians to do things their way. They can even decide who gets to see a doctor at all. On corporate spreadsheets, your body becomes little more than a source of profits, and medical staff so many tools for extracting it

Source: Opinion | Welcome to the Emergency Room. A Wall Street Honcho Will Decide Your Treatment. | Lynn Parramore

Facebook Putting Profit Before Public Good, Says Whistleblower Frances Haugen

A former Facebook employee has accused the company of putting profit over the public good, after coming forward as the whistleblower who leaked a cache of internal documents that have placed the tech firm in its worst crisis since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Source: Facebook Putting Profit Before Public Good, Says Whistleblower Frances Haugen | Portside