From nationalization to a socialist Commons

Our DMNC could just as well be ‘democratic market neo-socialism’, save that, goofy socialists would turn it into a social democracy.
But the issue of nationalization is not quite what we mean by a Commons the example of Britain shows that the path to expropriation is not inconceivable, even in electoral terms.

f you catch a train in the UK, you’ll understand why nationalization is so popular. Warnings that it might not be much better don’t put off the public, because the public aren’t stupid. The NHS isn’t perfect, but we know we own it: we feel an investment in it, and we know what the alternative is. The state can improve it, because they own it. Currently, we don’t own our trains. We pay through the nose for horrendous journeys and know that the stack of cash handed over for that ticket is being pocketed by a billionaire. That’s far harder to swallow than sitting on a train and thinking it could be improved, but knowing the ticket price is going back into the service.

Source: Britain Must Take Back Richard Branson’s Awful Trains