Neoliberalism and the Problem of Neoliberal PoliticsĀ 

The question of which is better from a strategic political perspective, hurtling or stumbling toward catastrophe, depends on assessments of the causes. Neoliberalism, the corporate-state amalgam that has been developing for four decades now, has built defenses around its reforms that are akin to a doomsday machine. By assigning private economic motives to the public More

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a system ripe for DMNC?…//The Economics of Over-Ripe Capitalism

This is an eye-opening analysis and a warning against economic misconceptions.
In constructing our DMNC model the dilemmas of (crackpot) economic theory move to thwart the resolution of socialist economies. But if the principles here are valid, we can expect a new set of assumptions to buttress the basics of a mixed market/planned economy based on a Commons…

Against Investment-Driven Growth

Source: The Economics of Over-Ripe Capitalism