Global warming and social transformation

R48G: global warming as grounds for revolutionary ecological socialism…
August 10th, 2018 ·
We are almost at the Gaian endgame: we need a revolutionary movement reborn from the internationals of the twentieth century, able to create a complete break with that past without frittering away the opportunity in facile reformism and yet not smothered in Marxist dogmas. Continue reading “Global warming and social transformation”

The problems with the economic interpretation of history

The progression of epochs of economic production modes is not really a viable theory and the result is that critics of marxism can point to a set of historical fallacies that obviate any socialist solution.
The general outline of world history shows its own rough sequence of epochs but these are empirically given and don’t conform to economic systems. History needs to be taken for what it is, as a complex of free agents, values, and the emergence of freedom: the reductionist scientism of economic ‘determinism’ is misleading and false…

Mode of production theory and the macro model’s intermittent/terminating character.
September 22nd, 2016 · Continue reading “The problems with the economic interpretation of history”