From world history to postcapitalism

This strange situation in the US is like an invitation to pass to revolutionary transformation. The revolutionary option is rejected by reformists, but the current system is itself revolutionary, in the midst of a revolution from the right. We should respond to a system that is subversive of its own legacy as it tries to pass into fascism with a ‘counterrevolution’/revolution from the left that can recreate democracy, failsafed as socialism. The latter has to be redefined and clarifies to the point that it has popular support.  That Trump’s base is unable to see their own advantage in a real socialism shows the paradox all along of the populist right. It takes a pretty big screw up by the left for that to happen.We disown the past and start with a new far left populist socialism with both a robust new type of economy and an emergency economy as the world system slides into chaos.

Two Manifestos version

The left needs a new perspective on world history beyond defunct historical materialism:
The tide is turning towards a new socialist perspective, But if the past is any guide the left will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and end up in the same state capitalism rut run by a one-party elite that was the inexorable fate of Marxist incomplete models. A new socialist social system requires a lot of work, historical, legal, constitutional, and economic.
We have a set of books and materials dealing with a hypothetical movement called The Red Forty-eight Group, with a manifesto and a neo-communist construct, Democratic Market Neo-communism in the context of ecological socialism. Continue reading “From world history to postcapitalism”