¬†There is no left that is fooled by 9/11. Coming clean 9/11 and the start of a new left…

Counterpunch (at al.) has forever thrown away trust in its reputation given the bullshit stance on 9/11. They even printed an expose by Paul Craig Roberts, but still have maintained the same bullshit stance.
Read carefully and it is clear enough Cockburn has conceded but still won’t admit it.

Source: The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 – CounterPunch.org

¬†bypassing the left that can’t step out of 9/11 lies…Counterpunch walk the plank?

One of the mysteries of the last twenty years is the way the left got fixed into confusion over 9/11, a clear false flag op of some kind. More remarkable still one of the main bastions of the delusion/lie is Counterpunch which actually printed an article by Paul Craig Roberts clearly discussing the whole question and sinking the official account. The figure of Chomsky is pathetic here and this goes back to the JFK accounts. Chomsky is a puzzle: he is one of the best investigative journalists and yet on the two key questions he is obstinately confused. His take on 9/11 is suspicious. There is a net video of him being challenged in public on this: you see at once that he is on the defensive, knows he has been found out and trying to escape the scrutiny. I can’t figure it unless it has something to do with Israel, often accused of playing a part here. In fact a lot of people made a lot of money on 9/11, not least one of the owners who opened a huge insurance policy months before. Duh, right out in the open,¬† to complete silence of the phony left. He made not just millions, billions

No I am not a conspiracy theorist, Rubbish. The crime scene has a long list of howlers.
Any good investigative journalist can see at once there is something wrong in the official account. After that the problem gets hard, but the basic contradictions are clear. The left needs to repent on this or be left behind.
I cannot quite figure how the left got stuck here, but part of the answer is that Israeli and US covert agencies appear to have mastered the disinfo needed here early on and seeded the field with the conspiracy theory charge.
The left and Chomsky reek with suspicion of collusion or infiltration, charges I can’t pursue beyond suspicion but it is clear the left has become crippled here. The biggest coverup of the century and the main left orgs are part of it. The alternate explanation is of course, idiots!

Source: The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 – CounterPunch.org