The New Age mirage versus the antiquity of Indic yogas.

All these New Age formations are in an addled state but at the same time this is a good example of the way that historical materialism can never be the basis of a future culture because it cannot evaluate the real legacies of civilization. The history of the yogas is as old as civilization and has been a recurrent tradition in all times and ages. The current confusions spring from a proximate tradition in classical to modern times, but that tradition like traditional religions is already a train wreck. The world needs some really good help on this one, because homo sapiens have few to no resources that can address the complex of human consciousness. But the modern versions of yoga are dilapidated cults and fated to die out or become sterile like the TM movement, or the hatha yoga cult.
Some of the texts here record constellations from 5000 BCE (later texts, of course) showing the evolutionary scale of the whole set of traditions.

Source: Was Ramana Maharsi a fascist? puking up (neo-) Advaita gibberish…the Vedic fraud as to the history of the yogas… – The Gurdjieff Con – 1848+: The End(s) of History

science, scientism and the failure of reductionism…//Dualism and Materialism in Modern Neuroscience  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

I am a student of science bar none, but I have also learned from the larger sphere of culture and global diversity the limits of science and its failure so far to provide a world view that can stand beyond a provincial form of cliche/science in the realms of sociology, psychology, and finally evolution. And the ream of quantum science and beyond has failed to provide a world view in the way that the Newtonian era produced a very (dogmatic) fundamentalism of scientism. Marxism foundered in this legacy and is a dogmatic and out-of-date failed ideology. An urgent need for a replacement haunts the cult of Marx and his early nineteenth-century formulas for a ‘science of history’ as economic stages or epochs of production. The mood of reductionism is a curse for a revolutionary ideology that must speak to the largest cultural sphere but is self-condemned to the narrowest of science cultism that incidentally we might note spawned the great Romantic reaction.
The issue of ‘will’ is typical of the limits of the older dead paradigm, and in the end Marx so strangely condemned the left of his milieu to long-term failure against the larger and more flexible sphere of twentieth-century diversity of thought.
We have discussed multiple times the issue of ‘will’ in the context of scientism along with the question of evolution. The world of modern culture has been forced to pay its dues to science and then to ignore the vacuum of explanation in the realm of man as a whole:

The reality is that both religion and science spheres have lost their grip on the question of ‘reality’ and the general culture flounders in a curious incoherence of world views, not least the endless confusion over ‘free will’, the nature of man, and the question of will in general

The left is paralyzed by its Marxist axioms and cannot produce a real anthropology at this point. And citing Bennett, more or less a liberal thinker, we should note the way he became entangled in the ‘new age’ right’s attempt to outflank scientism with a potentially superior critique of the limits of science and in the process seeding the fascist right that we see coming into existence all over again in our own time: the world of Gurdjieff and various Sufis, not even religious traditionalists as such, promoted such an attack on modernity, freedom and democracy, yet had a far broader view of man than the sterile world of scientism stuck in its Darwinism, Newtonian fictions, etc….

This is a cogent critique, but perhaps misses the point in terms of the category of materialism: the result is as usual put in the context of a theological debate, but the real issue is, what are t…

Source: Dualism and Materialism in Modern Neuroscience  – 1848+: The End(s) of History | the ‘science’of meditation

Source: | the ‘science’of meditation

Meditation/Mindfulness is a can of worms IF you go chasing the science. ‘Tis very hard to tie down in way of effects as ‘feelings’ aren’t statistics.

As a lifestyle I tend to be a tad hostile to because of the oft association with ethereal metaphysics.Gautama Buddha — I’m looking at you, kid.
But I’ve always appreciated the Zen-ness of conscious movement.
Static or sedentary meditation is so unlike me and my fidgets.
Since I do come from an age when Biofeedback was the fashionable rage — at least in my ‘hood — I defer to the physiology of conscious slowness, breath and heart rate.
While working in mental health, I’m no stranger to relaxation therapies, which are essentially guided meditations.
But over time I became interested in drone sounds and especially Sufi rhythms — plying at me from Bandung to Timbuktu. This drew me to an interest in frame drums — especially the Daf.
I love the Daf because it is not essentially religious despite its pitter-pattering.
Then I moved onto soundscapes. And that, my friends, was a revelation which is now an addiction. Anything with water — rain, stream or sea — turns me ‘off’ in the nicest way. ‘Tis a great way to dose off…accompanied by meteorology or aquatics.

The question of meditation makes a surprising appearance at Marxmail. The hostility of the (Marxist) left to such subjects is both classic and yet a liability. The moment of Marx was to make a strong move toward secular humanism, science, atheism, with the result that a kind of scientism appeared in the vacuum created by the absence of religion. That stance was sensible in context but has made historical materialism the vaunted replacement for religion, a stance that can only backfire.

Let us note that the ‘secular’ is far broader than that and if one looks at the modern transition one sees a far vaster field of innovations. The era of Marx cannot be reduced to the limited canon of historical materialism.

We might comment further on this but since I was unsubbed from marxmail (or at least unable to post under moderation) the list hardly deserves any contribution from me.
But I might comment further here in a series of posts. The issue of meditation points to the fact that Marxism is culturally impoverished and can’t deal with the global sphere of culture. The cannon can’t even handle the question of consciousness let alone meditation. We have tried in the Last Revolution to place the eonic model in place as a way to a more inclusive global history of all categories…

But the wariness of Marx is not so far off if much of the so-called New Age movement is entangled in reactionary thinking. The key here is to see that such traditions are far older than the rehash of their current adherents and that a real left can invoke their sources, no doubt very ancient, in the Neolithic.

Communicating incommunicado with marxmail listserv gang…

historical materialism? Re: A Marxist cult?
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You say I am subscribed but under moderation, which means I am not subscribed really, since I can't post anything and end up with bits and pieces on the list that are out of context.
I tried to send some of the material to a few list members individually just to make the point that what I post is never seen by anyone: the last time I will do this, since some object. In effect, I can only toe the line or be moderated, i.e. silenced.
This has become a waste of time and one more indication of a gulf of communication. Marxists obviously are too closed into a cult mindset over Marxist dogma to consider their position.
In any case, this whole discussion ends up on my blog, and a marxmail scandal will be open to the publican Googled.
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The Supreme Court’s union-busting decision in Cedar Point Nursery.

This quiet bit of news signals a catastrophe for working-class organization. The state of America seems to get worse and worse. But the current neoliberal system is aiming at total control and as the current racist right commotion points, in silence, to the long-term restoration of slavery. That’s counterintuitive to liberals of this era, until recently, but there were ominous signs already in the nineteenth century, and not just the obvious case of KKK action against abolition. It is no accident that figures like Gurdjieff, with parallel figures like Nietzsche, peddled a spiritual doctrine to liberal moderns but as a front that harbored nothing less than the destruction of modernity, restoration of slavery, the destruction of democracy, and ‘all that’, plus fascist over and undertones. Various new age shadow figures use the guru platform to subtly enslave a slew of disciples who think they are on a path of enlightenment. In a world where the left has no awareness of the larger potential of man as a creeping mischief can sow the seeds of ultra-reactionary futures. This is a bit lurid, and alarmist, let’s hope, but many who, as here, predicted some outcome to reactionaries find their suspicions, if not forecasts, confirmed in the sudden rightist/fascist alt-right global phenomenon, not least the Trump ‘farce’ in the US. This second coming of fascism began in the seventies or so of the last century. Trump is it seems a kind of drone figure and carried out an operation more than successful for someone so stupid. Note that we thought the Trump era would pass, but he seeded a very clever path beyond democracy that is on the verge of destroying democracy. Everyone defined fascism in terms of Hitler, but that was misleading. A new set of tactics are at work. As far as I know this is distinct as such from neoliberalism but there is an obvious affinity and the two blend easily.
The left has lost the ability to resist.
We need to rethink the left, as we have done here. But our critiques have generally left a core legacy alone. Marx’s theories have crippled the left but his other work remains relevant: issues of class, ideology, etc…The criticism of Marx will actually liberate the core thinking and free it from the confusions of dated theory.

Source: The Supreme Court’s union-busting decision in Cedar Point Nursery.