What role does the military play in climate change? 

Despite the global military industrial complex being one of the single largest contributors to climate devastation, there was almost zero discussion of the military in the official COP26 summit that concluded on November 12. Peace and environmental activists have called this unspoken truth the elephant in the room and pointed out that unless the world makes a serious commitment to peace and demilitarization, it will be impossible to meet emission cap targets and slow the advance of climate change.

Source: What role does the military play in climate change? | MR Online

 US 9/11 false flag op + milit-indust-complex: deliberate million-dead genocide: who is the bigger evil? The US or the Taliban?

The worst part is their is no reckoning here as the Taliban become patsy in the US genocide/militarism for profit….

Meanwhile the US public, a remarkable gang of assholes, hopeless idiots and otherf patriot cheered it all one


“What about the people left behind in Afghanistan, in Iraq—after a drone strike in Somalia—what about them? Do they get any care? Do they get any compensation? Absolutely not. So what would be the cost of war if that was actually the priority for the United States?

Source: Estimated Cost of Post-9/11 US Wars Hits $8 Trillion With Nearly a Million People Dead | Common Dreams News