It’s Time for Public Pharma 

Medicare for All was perhaps the best policy litmus test for progressive politicians in the second half of the 2010s. Today, it has rarely looked less likely to become law. Insurance industry lobbying groups, in tandem with the Chamber of Commerce, have figured out how to beat back the popular policy’s advance, even in one-party blue states like California. And yet the necessity of excising the profit motive from the American health care system, which continues on its ignominious pace to produce bottom-barrel results at maximal prices, has never been clearer.

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Only Medicare For All Can Beat Covid  

The horrible irony is that the one candidate, Sanders, who could have done the most good for pandemic victims, lost the race just when he was most needed. Since then his somewhat muted support for Medicare for All and how uniquely helpful it would be at this historic juncture, is dispiriting. The thought that this relative silence originates in a desire not to offend the candidate, Biden, whom he now supports, is downright depressing. More

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Why Did Labor Leaders Vote Against Medicare for All in the Middle of a Pandemic? 

Earlier this week, four labor leaders voted against including Medicare for All in the Democratic Party platform — a slap in the face to millions of Americans struggling through an unprecedented pandemic. We need a union movement that fights for all workers, both organized and unorganized.  

Source: Why Did Labor Leaders Vote Against Medicare for All in the Middle of a Pandemic? | Portside