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Fwd: Marx beyond theories of history…neo-communism, and the context of evolutionary civilization
From: Nemonemini
Cc: cc to a small group of listmembers
Date: Sun, Sep 26, 2021 8:40 am
I have just completed a short interaction with a list member: j.alan.x responding to a series of questions that I was at first willing to answer
but which suddenly in retrospect seem like a crypto-stalinist vetting by the group or the ‘moderator’ (is this fair?): this is the confusion you create when
you are not on the level with someone who is being ‘moderated’ (censored, or pressured to conform), I would like to know again what’s going
on here in a devious situation of a group that is apparently in a state of post-Proyect confusion.
If I get no answer I will have to assume this was indeed an effort to vet an outsider wishing to contribute to the group but who is likely to not conform
to some intangible standard yet to a high probability a marxist ‘opinion meat grinder’ censor/cancel culture…

Perhaps forget the above and consider the larger question of how anyone could hope to proceed along marxist (or in general any other) lines to a revolutionary
social transformation: if someone dissents on historical materialism and other seemingly now doctrinal issues?

This group has been unfair to me and vice versa, but there is no way to communicate across the confusion created by this ‘cancel’ culture.
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Communicating incommunicado with marxmail listserv gang…

historical materialism? Re: A Marxist cult?
From: Nemonemini
Cc: <1999wildcat@ etc, cc addresses deleted…)
Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2021 11:15 am
You say I am subscribed but under moderation, which means I am not subscribed really, since I can't post anything and end up with bits and pieces on the list that are out of context.
I tried to send some of the material to a few list members individually just to make the point that what I post is never seen by anyone: the last time I will do this, since some object. In effect, I can only toe the line or be moderated, i.e. silenced.
This has become a waste of time and one more indication of a gulf of communication. Marxists obviously are too closed into a cult mindset over Marxist dogma to consider their position.
In any case, this whole discussion ends up on my blog, and a marxmail scandal will be open to the publican Googled.
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Beyond the flawed Marxism to a new socialism: we were running out of time, now out of time?

postcapitalist_ futures_NWBK_ver2a_LFT_2021: The Last Revolution

I have been following Marxmail for decades without being able to contribute, then suddenly was able to post after Proyect’s passing. (He had actually and graciously allowed me to join the list in 2000 after being unsubbed by the old Pen-l, but that didn’t last long). But within days I was (apparently) unsubbed (I can’t figure out my status).

It is ‘my fault’ for rapidly (since I suspected this would happen) tossing taboo subjects into the mix: balling Marxists out over 9/11, (Darwinism, ran out time, but many posts here on left and that theory), Marx’s flawed theories of history. But I got a lot of links onto the list, and people are reading The Last Revolution, link above. So maybe, success?

I rushed that book to a usable but unfinished PDF form instead of a paperback to post on it on Marmail. I apologize for its rough spots but it makes its point more or less, and actually is better very short and as a PDF. The modern world has a huge tribe of leftist Marxists who are ideologically paraplegic given the confusions of Marxism. And the charge that it is really that ‘ism’ that led to Stalinism is unfair, but only up to a point.
My diagnosis/opinion is Marxism post Bolshevism has to reinvent itself (and drop the cult of personality in its Marx-ism name), consider the implications of ‘smashing the bourgeois state’. Instead, it would work better along the lines of my idea of (eco-socialist) ‘democratic market neo-communism’. ( I use the terms socialism, (neo-)communism interchangeably. This is not reformist compromise but a shift in reference to a four-term system, which is four times more complex than the one-term, but in a way simpler for that same reason. It can’t veer off into Stalinism, one would hope, because a democracy is not a democracy if it is not socialist (i.e. strong equality and shared resources and economic rights, etc…), and a socialism is not socialism if it is not democratic. With similar thinking about BOTH markets and planning (this time ‘socialist’ markets based on a Commons where capitalists now managers license resources from the Commons). This kind of system will work if a liberals system works. Marx made the whole question too complicated and his work has confused every generation of Marxists since.

It comes with a catch: you must expropriate (large-scale resources and Capital into a Commons, which is not State Capitalism)
Using this approach, Bolshevism was not a communism at all because it had no democracy. Period, in this four-term system. This kind of fail-safe would make it very easy to create a postcapitalist system that is really viable, subject to the ‘catch’. Note that both the US and China (and all other cases) are actually malformed versions of the above model which applies to all cases in theory. The US if you look close has some shared resources, but no socialist markets, etc…China has actually added (not socialist) markets to its still pseudo-communism, but has no democracy, etc,….

So, guess what, the US is not a democracy because it is not socialist. Thousands of critics have made the point in their own way for over a century, so the idea is not so strange. Capitalism has coopted democracy.

It may be too late to recast the system, by reform or revolution, but then we are doomed to go over Niagara Falls in a fireball of global warming.
Consider the issue of private property, that is Capital. To allow Exxon-Mobil et al. to own natural resources as private property was seen as unjust at the start but it has now become malevolent. The case of Exxon is that they knew in the seventies of the last century that they were doing something dangerous, but they suppressed their own research and still to this day are indifferent to their own reckless crime against humanity. Right now in the news of the Biden era bill Exxon is in the background trying to move one of its paid-for dummies in Congress to sabotage a last chance for some action on climate change. If you still believe in private property for resources like oil you may be a hopeless dummy, very much the American type.

Americans need to face reality: idiots! Idiots with the power to destroy a planet. Their manipulated stupidity is simply the way capitalism has always destroyed democracy. The danger was seen early on by the first socialists, taken up by Marx/Engels who took over and then monopolized the whole subject, but their mistakes have proven a curse and the failure of Bolshevism was always ominous: capitalism is now so entrenched and its victims so willingly brainwashed that it could be too late. The Last Revolution refers to the era of 1848 and its failed revolutions, with Marx/Engels very much in the mix. The socialists spoke then of the Last Revolution and their ‘prophecy’ should prove to be just that if we wish to survive. But this ‘revolution’ can in principle be reformist, because a reformist project can in theory makes constitutional changes.

Let us note that FDR-ism was trying to invent our DMNC model, but his New Deal still falls short. If only the (pseudo-) communists of that era, very much in play ca. the FDR constellation, could have had a better platform. But the Bolsheviks lurking in the background blocked anything beyond FDR-ism from happening.
Note again our point: Bolshevism was NOT communism because it had no democracy. And no ‘socialist markets’.
We should note also that our model of DMNC or ‘Democratic_Market_Neo_Communism_ver_5(2) is not about state capitalism, but a Commons, with its own legal checks and balances. Fake Bolsheviss with their private dachas controlling ‘state capitalism’ could never arise in a DMNC (with an eco-socialism in the mix). And so on.
It would have been relatively easy to set up such a system far earlier but the legacy of Marxism confused thinking, in fact, it was the lack of any thinking, since Marx refused to predict the future with anything specific.
Marx’s theories of history are the problem. Much of his other thinking is still very cogent. But the failure to model communism/socialism in specifies proved fatal.
The same could happen with our superior model: maybe still not complex enough.

We should cite Decoding World History because it offers a very simple outline of world history instead of the false economic fundamentalism of Marx.

postcapitalist_ futures_NWBK_ver2a_LFT_2021
Decoding World History_ED1

Actually I’m just getting started…as we used to say as kids, ‘we now take prisoners, beg for mercy…’///Good riddance to the deadbeat pseudo-leftists at marxmail

A final email to the marx group so-called moderator who destroyed the start of a good discussion
at the baren and mentally closed marxmail list.
It is sad, the left has died of anemia and any radical so-called group that can discuss the fascist
9/11 coup is at a deadend.

the closed cults of marxists
From: Nemonemini
To: ;
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 11:43 pm
Mr. Schaffer: I was just on the verge of a fruitful discussion on the list and you interrupted that and destroyed it. To excommunicate people for  trying to discuss 9/11 is a malevolent act, and the signature of the latent stalin ism in the marxist left.
That’s a completely shitty and Stalinist thing to do. These marx groups are suffering a kind of anemia and the people in them
could never lead a revolutionary transformation to anything by a deadend.
And this incident shows the problem.
In one stroke you create emnity for no good reason except your own group fundamentalism and violent
stalinist antagonism even to fellow socialists.

good riddance in any case

posts re:

Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11
From: Nemonemini
To: ;
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 3:13 pm
I was unsubbed at Pen-L in 1999/2000? and Louis Proyect
graciously invited me to join the old marxmail, to which I contributed
over a year or so, including critique of Darwinism.
The problem is I am ultra far and find marxists reactionaries.

After twenty years of being dupes on 9/11 the left is laughing stock.

I will record all interactions under a new category at my blog.

FYI, I posted about 9/11 to be helpful. The CIA is laughing its ass off:
we fooled the marxist, and the plus Chomsky

As a matter of fact I had planned to post no more at marxmail,
but already the cancel fidget takes over.


—–Original Message—–
From: Les Schaffer
To: Nemonemini
Sent: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 3:04 pm
Subject: Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11

I didn’t unsub you before. But if Lou did and you keep this up, I’ll unsub you until I find a moderator for the list
Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11
From: Nemonemini
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 2:14 pm

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11

The turning point on 9/11 at Counterpunch came a while back as an article
by Paul Craig Roberts clarified the issue. But the confusion on the left continues.

I am not sure of the link to Medea Benjamin.

The left needs to reconsider its stance on 9/11, the more so since the false flag op
was used to justify terrific violence against Moslems all across the Middle East.
To make itself complicit in this is a tragedy for the left.
The evidence for a conspiracy is too strong now. The owner himself of the Twin Towers
took out a huge insurance policy just before 9/11, and a pack of Wall Street operatives made
a bundle on the tragedy.
To find nanothermite in the Twin Towers dust should make the harshest skeptic sit up and take notice.
To plant nanothermite on multiple floors of the Twin Towers to create free fall collapse is no mean feat and would take complete access for
over tweny four hours by trained personnel as the authorities looked the other way
Evidence like this is abundant, and whatever the case, the official account is dead.

The whole nauseating coverup is beneath the dignity of the left.

Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11
From: Nemonemini
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 2:35 pm
The days of censoring critics of 9/11 are over.
Don’t unsub me again asshole. I am tired of it
and find the marxmail gang to be exceptionally narrow.

—–Original Message—–
From: Les Schaffer
Sent: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 1:02 pm
Subject: Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11

Hold that thought. We have a moderation issue to solve.