why marxists can’t get history straight…//Leonardo Da Vinci: artist, thinker and revolutionary

Not without interest this article nonetheless fails to get to the real significance of the so-called Renaissance. In fact the issue is not the Renaissance but what we call the modern transition taken as the interval from 1600 AD to 1800 followed by what we call the modern period as such, in the analysis of the eonic model. In fact this essay is a typical observation of the eonic effect. This transition is complicated by its Eurocentric focus
We cannot understand this phenomenon in isolation and must begin to see the larger pattern of such transitions and their geographical placement starting with Egypt/Sumer ca. 3000 BCE and then the secondary period (sometimes called the Axial Age) ca. 900 to 600 BCE.
In fact we see signs of the phenomenon already in the Neolithic and become suspicious that a hidden macroevolutionary driver is at work in the emergence of civilization. A so-called ‘frontier effect’ is at work and each phase shows a restart in an adjacent region: thus the center of gravity of the rise of civilization is in the Afro-Eurasian core, while the modern transition jumps to the frontier of the heretofore untouched sphere of Europe, and there only a small subset of Europe.
This macro effect cannot be explained as the ‘expansion of the power of the bourgeoisie’, a dose of marxist jargon that will try too shoe horn a ‘materialist/economic’ interpretation that won’t work. In fact the ‘renaissance’ as such is different from the eonic effect as the modern transition and comes before the modern transition: it fact the later part of that so-called period shows the modern transition in action. But the fine art of the ‘renaissance’ are really seeded in the medieval period. The Borgias don’t cut it compared with the first of the modern revolutions: the Reformation.  The point is obscure at first and we can see that the distinction can be set aside for later study…
It is probably not true therefore to call this a unique period unequaled in history. Almost invisible to us now the era of the Sumerian take off in the transition leading up to ca. 3000 BCE is probably the most fertile period standing at the dawn of higher civilization. But then again we suspect the true sources in the Neolithic. Continue reading “why marxists can’t get history straight…//Leonardo Da Vinci: artist, thinker and revolutionary”