The enemies of democracy will point to the US as a laughingstock, its friends should consider the endgame…killing billions with your ?democracy is not forgivable

A figure like Manchin shows the failure of pseudo-democracy of the American type. As to real democracy?
Beyond the fascists lie the Plato’s and the critique of the stupidity of democratic citizens…
But perhaps Manchin is a closet saboteur, hoping to destroy the whole system…
Killing billions with your social system is not forgivable.

“Our democracy is broken when one man who profits from the fossil fuel industry can defy the 81 million Americans who voted for Democrats to stop the climate crisis.”

Source: ‘Nothing Short of a Death Sentence’: Fury as Manchin Tanks Climate Spending

‘Nothing Short of a Death Sentence’: Fury as Manchin Tanks Climate Spending

While Manchin’s refusal to endorse green energy funding may have been entirely foreseeable given his close ties to the fossil fuel industry and his role in tanking the Build Back Better package just months earlier, climate advocates nevertheless voiced dismay at the power one individual has been able to exert over a process with implications for billions of people across the planet.

Source: ‘Nothing Short of a Death Sentence’: Fury as Manchin Tanks Climate Spending

 Where indeed?…/// Where the Hell Is the Green New Deal?

We have watched the failure of virtually every green initiative proposed in the last two-plus decades, and the failure of the BBB due to Manchin makes a final mockery of activist optimism. The lesson, as the article assumes, is that government is powerless and that we must act independently…But it would seem that the whole question, short of revolution, hopeless…??

Build Back Better is on the ropes. But other parts of a just transition are moving forward.

Source: Opinion | Where the Hell Is the Green New Deal? | John Feffer