Repost: Here we go again: is the US really a liberal society or a political mafia of crypto-fascists and drug peddlers…

Francis Fukuyama’s calm evisceration of illiberalism on the left and right.

Source: Moderation in the Name of Liberty is No Vice | Washington Monthly

I will have to wait and read this book but defending liberalism is too easy, and at this point there are some real questions as to whether the US is actually a case of liberalism…And even if we grant the point the reality of ‘liberalism’ lies in its lack of economic rights and the tyranny of private property/capital.

The history of the US since WWII looks liberal on the surface but has been a horrifying case of the Military-Industrial Complex run amok. We can’t even absolve the US of a connection to drug mafias (cf. the legacy of Gary Webb). The US is really an oligarchy controlled by capitalists and the covert agencies.

So, Mr. Fukuyaama. A test question, was 9/11 an inside job or not? We know how you will answer, but we can confirm if you are stooge, boob, and brainwashed?