Strike for Democracy! 

The labor movement is facing an existential crisis on two levels. Most immediate is that posed by Donald Trump, who has already stoked the fuel of white supremacist terror groups, and who has made repeated suggestions that he will not step down from office no matter the outcome of the election. Despite his support from a share of union members, and despite his promises to improve lives for workers, Trump’s regime has been almost an unmitigated attack on worker’s rights. If Trump stays in office by subverting the democratic process, the implications for unions are grave.

Source: Strike for Democracy! | Portside

labor hostility to GND will backfire…union busting from the left?//Labor Unions Are Skeptical of the Green New Deal, and They Want Activists to Hear Them Out

The stance of many labor unions against the green movement, or the Green New Deal, is very shortsighted. The world is getting frantic. Kneejerk labor unions will end up losing support on the left and/or starting a war there. We will end up in the an even more hopeless situation that we are in now: union busting from the left. We can easily avoid this, but the narrow vision of many labor honchos should be called out forthwhith. And many in the elite green movement are incapable of understanding the issue.
Labor leaders need to study ecological socialism and create a social blueprint able to avoid such a collision…

Source: Labor Unions Are Skeptical of the Green New Deal, and They Want Activists to Hear Them Out