Kant, free will, and the antinomies of reason

The free will debate lurks in the background of leftist politics, in part because of the deterministic confusions of marxist ‘mode of production’ theory. It is difficult to arrive at stable views here, for reasons that a study of Kant and his studies of the ‘antinomies of reason’ make clear. Although the debate is perhaps endless and intractably insoluble we can at least not attempt to inflict marxist dogmatism on socialism. Our various models speak of free agency instead of free will, which leaves the issue open yet has all the advantages on the free will issue.
There is no automatic path to postcapitalism: unless we act freely as free agents to create it we will drift into barbarism, mode of production theory blowing in the wind…

Source: Did the neural pattern that showed that there is no free will turn out to be noise? | Uncommon Descent

Kant, origins of ‘end of history’ meme, and the place of free agency

The strangest part of the ‘end of history’ confusion is that it points to something real but in a form that has suffered hopeless confusion of terms. From garbled hegel to leftist then rightist meme juggling the crypto-teleological term that came into being has courted pseudo-science, ideological tug of war, and neo-liberal apotheosis. Continue reading “Kant, origins of ‘end of history’ meme, and the place of free agency”

 Kant and the metaphysics of ‘evolution’

Humanity has put a man on the moon but so far human culture is apparently too primitive to deal with the question of evolution…it must be said. The whole issue is stuck between two ideas that don’t work: the idea of chance evolution by natural selection is simply idiocy, not science, and the ideas of creationist action have been vitiated by the poor quality theologies of monotheism.
We cited Kant and it is important to recall his warnings about metaphysics: the evolution debates impinge on the metaphysical and the result is the permanent ambiguity of the whole range of questions.

Source: does the design argument need an ‘atheist’ framework?…//Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution – Michael J. Behe – Google Books – Darwiniana