Christianity in self-destruct mode

Although the abortion/contraception issues are very troubling there is another perspective, which is that Christianity/Judaism are self-destructing as the secular tide begins to sweep over them, the endless echoes of the reformation to enlightenment challenges to ‘monotheism’ if not religion. Opposing abortion and contraception are not viable options for a future of christianity, and those who think so are fighting for a future that will not include monotheistic religions.
It can’t be possible that ‘angelic Jesus cares a brass farthing for the religious right, but such churches are fodder for hidden fascists and useful instruments.
Ditto for Judaism: the Zionist mafia is degrading Judaism to the state of disintegration…

Source: Christian nationalists’ end game may not be abortion and Roe v. Wade –

Israel, history, Zionism, and the eonic sequence
We have discussed several times the issues of antisemitism. There appears to be a resurgence of antisemitism in the US and elsewhere. Jewish spokesmen rightly condemn this but sadly the discussion has been warped by the issues of Israel which have compromised discussion: Jews denounce antisemitism even as they are silent on the question of Palestine, and wish to extend the definition of antisemitism to provide cover from the dreadful outcome of a monstrous new development: Israeli apartheid.

It might help to take the long view. I recommend Jews and Christians study the historical phenomenon of the eonic effect:

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

The emergence of Israel is one the most remarkable in the classical phase of the eonic sequence. It emerges in parallel with Buddhism as the world system created two religions in parallel. But the final outcome is the emergence of Christianity. And it is the latter that moves to a larger world.
Here we should note that in the successive eras of history, religions seeded in one era pass away in the next.
And that is what we are seeing in modern times. Jews and Christians made a huge contribution to the evolution of civilization and now they are being absorbed into their own outcome as modern society.
The emergence of the Bible seems like a spiritual operation but in terms of the eonic effect is was a corpus of literature that becomes an instrument of cultural integration of manifold peoples in the context of Christianity. This operation was a huge success but history has moved on and the attempt to defy the process at hand results in more and more frantic confusion in the attempt to fight the future.
Jews and Christians moved into modernity and thrived. But then the phenomenon of Zionism in parallel with the Holocaust completely undermined sanity on all sides.
The Holocaust is a mystery in itself. It is an historical deviation of the absolute worst variety. The eonic sequence has nothing whatsoever to do with it. The eonic sequence looks after its own and moved its earlier phases into a new future of secular society where they thrived. The eonic effect shows a clear distinction of system action and free agency, moves with its timed input as system action then at the divide around 1800 the character of the system can change as free agency takes the stage. The point here is that this later aspect passes beyond control and can derail. The Holocaust has to be one of the most tragic cases of this. It is incomprehensible. It has bewildered Jews and Christians alike and made a confusing situation worse.
But the answer is not to look backward. Then history will foreclose on you, perhaps. The jews of the nineteenth century had the right idea. And the emergence of figures like Einstein shows the real outcome of our strange macro process whose evolutionary action is to move the world’s peoples to a new stage. In the process, the eonic sequence produced a  rapid upgrade to one of the most intelligent people in the world. To suddenly lose six million here to the Holocaust was an evolutionary calamity.

It is unfortunate that the Zionist experiment so quickly became so malevolent. Why that happened is not clear but surely the effect of the Holocaust was key. OK, but the
question of a modern Israel is problematical. It is a fait accompli now but its action has stultified Jews (who first protested the zionist action) and givens license to the most idiotic and retrograde jews who wish to effect an historical impossibility, a recursion of Old Testament land grab that goes on and is in the process of destroying
the intelligence of a once remarkable culture. The Israeli thugs in trying to annex Palestine are a far worse threat to Jewish history than antisemites.

There is a lot more to say here, but the nature of a classic tragedy is more or less clear.
The core confusion here is the myth that god acts in history. This confusion arose in relation to the attempt to create a pure monotheism and corrupted the idea with a fallacy about its own self-referential emergence and that has compromised both religions. The ancient Israelites were really discovering the eonic effect and were the first to see the Axial Age in action, albeit from a limited perspective. In a way, the Zionists at least saw the reality of the secular age. But now a phantasm of ancient Israel in the modern middle east has put the question of Jewish culture into retrograde motions in the erosion of the great gifts of the eonic sequence.

 Judeo-xtianity: passing away of the monotheistic crypto-pagan illusion

It is not true, FALSE, that a violent and idiotic divinity called Yahweh intervened in history to make ‘Israelites’ a chosen people. The model of the eonic effect suggests what the real origin of monotheism was. After two millennia the world is still struggling against this pernicious and violent propaganda invented as a sideline to the birth of a first monotheism whose outcome was so skewed that a second attempt was made with Islam to correct one of the greatest failures in world history. If we look closely the Exile shows a mysterious attempt to blend Israelitism and Zoroastrianism in a ‘semitic-aryan’ blend that could unify across cultures. But the attempt failed as the covenental myth usurped the experiment with a chauvinistic and ethnocentric religious.Christianity did manage some part of that attempt at blending but the whole experiment was botched by the limited vision of the Israelites. Their attempt was conditioned but then distorted by the need for an underdog to survive in the world of great empires.

Israel seems very powerful but that belies the reality of impotence as Judaism and Christianity enter accelerated decline. Israel projects power to make its illusory future seem assured, but that is an illusion hiding the reality of mistake that is weak and with no real definable future. There is no leaderhsip here as the political psychopaths project a ludicrous piety according pollcraft imperatives. Religious leaders are equally set in their donkeyhood and incapable of seeing through their religious propaganda.
The original mystery at the source of Israelitism remains forever beyond the modern Jewish remnant whose original entry into secular modernity was a robust success only to be turned into tragedy by the deliberate embrace of evil by the Zionist self-created psychopaths. The Holocaust forces one to forgive a lot here but history is on the move and the outcome as a modern Israel courts challenge as waning illusion.

After 12 years, Israel finally inaugurated a new prime minister. While being hailed by many as the opportunity for a fresh start, Naftali Bennett is at best a continuer of Netanyahu’s policies and at worst an ideologue whose positions are to the right of Netanyahu’s. In 2013, as Middle East peace talks were set to More

Source: New Israeli Government, Same Israeli Apartheid –