Why Was John F. Kennedy Assassinated?  

We recently interviewed the Academy Award winning filmmaker, Oliver Stone, on our Law and Disorder radio show, about his new documentary film, “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass.” It’s a powerful documentary that, at a minimum, convincingly shows that the assassination of Kennedy was a conspiracy involving members of one or more U.S.

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Over fifty years of social exile…/JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern  

A fascinating article on the JFK assassination, even if it seemingly appears too meek/cautious on an issue that has so influenced the lives of so many, for the worse.
A kind of bitterness haunts many who spent almost an entire life ostracized for skeptical thinking about the JFK assassination and 9/11.
I can no longer remember when I first became skeptical of the official account on the JFK assassination, perhaps in the seventies (but I may have read Lane’s work early on, and I remember watching Oswald’s murder live on TV), but for many, such as Mark Lane, the first author on the subject to question the overall account, there was a problem visible to him within hours of the incident in Dallas. His classic Rush To Judgment came out in 1966, yet here we are over fifty years later still rehashing the lone gunmen/magic bullet legacy.
With 9/11 a similar situation is in effect and the ostracism equally severe. And that includes on the left where the reign of Chomsky persists.
CP is to be commended for discussing the JFK history here, but the left in general still harbors the illusions about JFK and 9/11 which persist and are de facto enforced by conformity culture, left middle right. The regime has coopted almost all social opportunities for many who could never learn the basic lesson, to get ahead, lie. The same situation is the case with Darwinism.
One loses allegiance, to say the least, to a culture so deeply conditioned, brainwashed. It is one thing to see the problems with the official accounts, but still very hard to sort out the different interpretations, and arrive at sound conclusions. A good example is the recent ‘conspiracy theory’ about the place of Mossad in the JFK (and 9/11): cf. Amazon: Final Judgement, by Piper. Here we go again, ‘no no that’s crazy…etc… ‘. The point is one can see the basic problem but remain unable to resolve alternate theories. One has to wonder what percentage of the public is simply hypocritical on these issues.

Since the 1990s, we have learned, among other things, about Operation Northwoods, a top-secret Pentagon plan—a policy conspiracy, if you will– to provoke a war with Cuba in 1963 via violent deceptive operations on U.S. soil. We have learned the surprising extent of the CIA’s pre-assassination surveillance of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. We have learned about Agency propaganda operations involving Oswald before and after Kennedy was killed. We have learned about possible tampering with the photographic record of Kennedy’s autopsy, and we have learned about the CIA’s obstruction of Congress’s JFK investigation in the late 1970s.

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Oliver Stone’s New JFK Revisited Disproves Official Story: Reveals U.S. Intelligence Involvement in Assassination – CovertAction Magazine

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone has come out with a new documentary film, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, which […]

Source: Oliver Stone’s New JFK Revisited Disproves Official Story: Reveals U.S. Intelligence Involvement in Assassination – CovertAction Magazine