Christianity and Buddhism

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Buddhism shows the way that religions are part of ‘evolution’ in the sense of
the ‘eonic evolution of civilization’:
Cf. Decoding World History, and WHEE: civilization, darwinism and theories of evolution

We didn’t say much about Christianity in our post on Buddhism and the eonic model.
It is a very controversial subject and an almost tragic one. We will continue tomorrow with this
but let us note that model shows how Christianity lacked the depth and momentum of Buddhism and
ended (in one passing remark, a junk religion) in the worst case of a state religion used to dominate
a political culture or cultures in his final phase in the era of Constantine.
For a real Buddhist Christianity is a kind of catastrophe that replaced meditation with a reduced
version of theurgy as ‘prayer’ and a saga/myth based on metaphysical suppositions where in Buddhism
despite its seeming transcendent character everything is empirically verifiable in space-time, e.g the path to
and the state of Enlightenment: this must be realized in space-time.
Christianity merely promises direct contact with god/Jesus via prayer and a passage to heaven upon doing nothing except to have faith
which has no empirical verification. The situation is ripe for fraud and political manipulation.
The Jesus figure is very hard to fathom, and even his existence is subject to intractable debate.
The whole religion operated on a strange tour de force based on reports of witnesses to
a resurrection, a tactic that against all odds took off as a rapidly expanding cult.
Let’s face it, the disinformation here defeats easy analysis. But lets at least note, as we did
with Buddhism, that religions tend to correlate with a given era and then wane somewhere in the
middle of the next, the exact fate apparently underway with Christianity which is rapidly fading away
except so far in the Global South, and in the US despite its weakening hold. Halfway through this era seems much too
long, i.e. 3000 AD. But our analysis is a rough approximation, and roughly confirmed.
We said that Hinduism was an exception but that is only because ‘hinduism’ if you zoom to see what
it is close up is in fact nothing at all, so it can’t fade away: the world of India is a vast spiritual
archaeological site of multiple variants (like Buddhism) on a kind of archetypal ‘hindu’ theme.
The issue of Christianity then is highly vexed as to its real status. It has been said thus over and over
by many critics.
There is more to say here but we will continue tomorrow.

The period of Jesus himself is almost beyond reducing to fact and we cited The Book the Church
Doesn’t Want You to Read for its multiple references to Biblical Criticism.

 The Christian fraud: an exit strategy?

The American Christian spectrum of churches is in grave danger, as is global Christianity, despite its remaining hold in many areas of globalizing modernity. The secular tide is inexorable, and yet the American case seems an exception as a hideous right-wing brand or brands seems to be on the increase. Sociologists by and large, as far as I can tell, seem to be documenting otherwise, but whatever the case the long-range of history suggests the growing tide of ‘secularism’, and the progressive passing away of Christianity, however regressive the American case might be. It is doubtful to me that the right could do more than a temporary come back followed by renewed waning. One good reason among others is the sheer poverty of the evangelical abortion of religion, with theory and the right to own arms mixed up a toxic brew that can do little but create theological cripples. Continue reading ” The Christian fraud: an exit strategy?”

 The passing away of christianity…jesus christ is NOT your personal savior…,// The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams
We have discussed Christianity many times on this blog from a viewpoint related to but different from the realm of ‘secular humanism’ which tends to be shallow. It is hard to estimate the degree of the religious threat from the right at a time when a fascist spectrum is arising in association with rightist religious groups. But one thing is clear: it is a last-ditch effort by religion in retreat. And what a degenerate endgame it is. But ironically the inherent weaknesses of Christianity stand out as the last embers of this monotheistic legacy flicker out.
Somehow nonetheless there is fault on both sides. Secular humanism in its origin but then in its later decline has proven inadequate to the case.

The secular world cannot stand up to the Christian system and one result is that the demented third rate religion of degraded Christianity cannot be challenged in public and/or by politicians. And yet that religion, a point well understood by buddhists and others, is a religion of salvation that can’t save anyone, inflicts the most idiotic rituals and beliefs about prayer, an imaginary jesus, ‘god’, and the nature of the church, both now and in history. The strangest thing about christianity is that it simply can’t handle the idea of god and inflicts a hopeless muddle on its adherents in a ‘package’ that corrupts thought and which can never lead to spiritual understanding. This kind of criticism applied to early education could free millions from the distorted delusions inflicted by the tradition. Here the problem of early Christianity looms to confuse even more. We sense that something lost to us characterized that early era. Whatever it was we have lost it now. Best to face reality. Christianity (and Judaism) are passing away even as they have repeatedly tried to make a comeback and over the era of the modern, in the US, displaced a secular politics with a species of corrupt politician playing the Christian in the demonic endgame of a religious cynicism, exploitation of innocent minds allowed no feedback with reality. The collision with the world of psychology is often counterproductive. That world is equally shallow and cannot produce a true ‘spiritual’ psychology. But Christianity can’t either. The result is an aborted modernity cursed with endless recursions of exploitative Christian pseudo-theology.

It can help to stop thinking Christianity has anything sacred about it and simply call it our for what it is. People need to move on, and their ‘salvation’ needs to be confronted beyond the deliberate lies of churches aimed at subjugating populations in the manner of the religion of the Christian emperors whose capture of some unknown original turned into the instrument of religious domination and repression. Behold, the congregations of christian retards….

The white Christian nationalists get together

As Congress debates voting rights and investing in the people, it’s important to understand the dark forces that underlie the increasingly reactionary and authoritarian politics on the rise in this country.

Source: Opinion | The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams | Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

‘Atheism’: in quotation marks…god/no-god ideas in a secular mealstrom

Jesus Christ Commie…toward a futuristic/revolutionary radical reformation and an ‘atheist’ theology
March 3rd, 2017 ·
I am not a spiritual prophet but I sometimes wonder if non-prophets couldn’t do a better job renewing the subject than those who might make such claims and/or those who adhere to a core doctrine.
A radical reinvention of christianity in a new reformation could lead the religion into a new future for a new era, but only if it can reckon its theological history in a truthful fashion beyond biblical distortions. Continue reading “‘Atheism’: in quotation marks…god/no-god ideas in a secular mealstrom”