It’s Not Antisemitic to Oppose Israel’s Apartheid Rule Over the Palestinians

The UN is being urged to adopt a misleading, partisan redefinition of antisemitism that is intended to protect Israel from critical scrutiny. We should oppose this cynical attempt to silence advocacy on behalf of the Palestinians in the name of anti-racism.

Source: It’s Not Antisemitic to Oppose Israel’s Apartheid Rule Over the Palestinians

The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read

I just got a copy of this previously cited book which I can recommend as entirely germane to our socio-religious context, subject only to the reality that secular humanist tracts can have their own problems: their claims are not new religious/secular dogmas.  The book (as usual is too expensive) and needs a cheap Kindle version. (There is an online PDF on google but it is somehow flawed and hard to read). The issue of Christianity and Judaism deserve the challenge of secular humanists but the latter can themselves be challenged. The hard reality is that religious claims can prove illusory without making some kind of ‘spiritual’ realm impossible, however metaphysical. The point is clearer in Buddhism which did not project claims onto the metaphysical unknown.

That said, this book and its already considerable, parallel legacy literature is proving fatal to the reign of Judaeo-Christian social domination. And that includes modern Israel, the final botch of the whole tradition and an abortion of state formation that gives a vehicle to a dangerous mafia of geopolitical Zionist gangsters. The latter along with the US CIA have perpetrated a genocidal horror on the Middle East that rivals the Holocaust in its vicious horror. Yet in the end the status of Israel in terms of Biblical history is almost complete rubbish. God did not grant jews special status nor to ‘Israel’,and the whole Christian New Testament is a farce of falsities worthy of the bunko squd. The claim of ‘Jews’ (we don’t even understand their genetic status; the origin of current Judaic populations to Kazahian Caucasians has been clearly tabled) to Israel was always a pack of lies, and the result in the last three generations has proven a calamity to the world and a double calamity to Jews who have lost forever the integrity of a once honorable religious tradition. Evangelicals and Israelis are at the last fag end of the whole muddle, hopeless from the start, of Judeo-Christian social domination and religious propaganda. That said, the exposure of Jews to a hard truth exposes them in turn to violent reactions and here in apparent contradiction to what we have said, protection of Jews in the US is needed in the context of history’s clear spawn of movements to liquidate them. NOT! And yet at the same time the secular tide is inexorable and the passing away of Christianity and Judaism is inevitable and the attempt to forestall that in the state of Israel has backfired with lurid precision. The American Republic in its great tolerance has ended up at risk from Christian fanatics and that sordid horror, no fan of democracy, Mossad and its doppelganger, the Jewish lobby.

The Tragedy of the Islamic Republic and the Progressives’ Dilemma

After the revolution, the US and its allies imposed harsh sanctions on Iran that continue to this day and are piled up almost daily. The pressure, however, not only did not topple the nezam, it helped to prolong its life. The IR effectively used this hostility to its own benefit. Any objection to its rule is treated as a foreign conspiracy, and dissidents are labeled as stooges or spies of the US and its allies, particularly Israel.

Source: The Tragedy of the Islamic Republic and the Progressives’ Dilemma –

Left-Wing Journalist Katie Halper Has Been Fired for Calling Israel an Apartheid State

The Hill has fired Katie Halper from its morning show, Rising, for describing Israel’s policies as tantamount to apartheid. It’s a blatant act of censorship to silence a pro-Palestinian journalist.

Source: Left-Wing Journalist Katie Halper Has Been Fired for Calling Israel an Apartheid State

 The endless cover up

The perpetrators of 9/11 was the US itself along with Israel. On and on goes the merry-go-round of pretense as the left itself gets a crucial fact about the false flag operation wrong.
It does not take much study to get squared away on this but the left is frozen in conformity to a perspective that is a part of the official story…

Source: Opinion | Covid-19 and 9/11: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cares | Richard Eskow