Judeo-xtianity: passing away of the monotheistic crypto-pagan illusion

It is not true, FALSE, that a violent and idiotic divinity called Yahweh intervened in history to make ‘Israelites’ a chosen people. The model of the eonic effect suggests what the real origin of monotheism was. After two millennia the world is still struggling against this pernicious and violent propaganda invented as a sideline to the birth of a first monotheism whose outcome was so skewed that a second attempt was made with Islam to correct one of the greatest failures in world history. If we look closely the Exile shows a mysterious attempt to blend Israelitism and Zoroastrianism in a ‘semitic-aryan’ blend that could unify across cultures. But the attempt failed as the covenental myth usurped the experiment with a chauvinistic and ethnocentric religious.Christianity did manage some part of that attempt at blending but the whole experiment was botched by the limited vision of the Israelites. Their attempt was conditioned but then distorted by the need for an underdog to survive in the world of great empires.

Israel seems very powerful but that belies the reality of impotence as Judaism and Christianity enter accelerated decline. Israel projects power to make its illusory future seem assured, but that is an illusion hiding the reality of mistake that is weak and with no real definable future. There is no leaderhsip here as the political psychopaths project a ludicrous piety according pollcraft imperatives. Religious leaders are equally set in their donkeyhood and incapable of seeing through their religious propaganda.
The original mystery at the source of Israelitism remains forever beyond the modern Jewish remnant whose original entry into secular modernity was a robust success only to be turned into tragedy by the deliberate embrace of evil by the Zionist self-created psychopaths. The Holocaust forces one to forgive a lot here but history is on the move and the outcome as a modern Israel courts challenge as waning illusion.

After 12 years, Israel finally inaugurated a new prime minister. While being hailed by many as the opportunity for a fresh start, Naftali Bennett is at best a continuer of Netanyahu’s policies and at worst an ideologue whose positions are to the right of Netanyahu’s. In 2013, as Middle East peace talks were set to More

Source: New Israeli Government, Same Israeli Apartheid – CounterPunch.org

The US and Israel have voided their right to exist: they deserve revolutionary change and judgment….

The reality of the US and Israel history since WWII belie all the false taken as expectation.
The seeded fascism of Trump and his fascist cult is a sick joke but hardly match the mainstream reality which
must be matched with a realization that the core
government is already a criminal faux democracy guilty of war crimes, global anti-democracy,
capitalist imperialism, genocide, etc, …
The liberal elites in government, media, are complete dummies with dog muzzles and cannot utter a beep here about the reality.

The US may be too far gone for revolutionary restoration, but we can at least stand back and consider that reformism would be
a lost cause as the last option, if it is that, is revolutionary change of government, a republic if you can keep…
I fear we have the Founding Fathers on our side here, n’est-ce pas?

The criminal gangster states US/Israel make Hamas look like boy scouts: they false flagged 9/11 to excuse invasion, war and genocide in the middle east, killing millions…


Omar is brave to broach this issue, but the reality is far worse than even she can know, and her stance against the critics is government makes a mockery of their subjection to the Zionist mafia…

Americans want their country back…
And no, you can’t denounce this as conspiracy theory, a term invented to hide war crimes.

Omar, Israel, US…


The Big Con –

Israel attempts to deflect criticism of the sickening brutality of its Einsatzgruppen military style on grounds that criticism of that sick, evil, murderous state is reprehensible “Anti-Semitism”.This trope, invented by the Holocaust Industry it has assiduously cultivated ever since that grim Nazi horror, is run up the flagpole whenever Zionist governments need cover for the criminal, racist violence they perpetrate at will on demonized Palestinians.

Source: The Big Con – CounterPunch.org

Israeli Newspaper Publishes Photos of All 67 Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza Onslaught


Star of David; Land of Myth 

What is there about our shared journey that permits us, with ease, to consciously blind ourselves to the grief of others because it aches too much to see the obvious? That upends echoes of pain as screams come in unbearable waves that leave no doubt of its horrible source of crimes, in progress, of broken families and dreams never to be dreamt? What finds escape in crafted denial that accepts no combat from waves of reality… for to handle truth is, seemingly, well beyond our collective capacity?  It is the story of our day: Star of David ; land of myth. More

Source: Star of David; Land of Myth – CounterPunch.org