Sanders and AOC flunk the venezuela question….

I have been consistently critical of Sanders’ ‘our revolution’ and ‘socialism’ and this article and the issue of venezuela shows the way that a basically reformist perspective gets entangled in contradictions. Instead of too much indignation we should feel sad that ‘socialism’ in quotation marks will have a hard time reaching lift off. The gesture ends up a plug for ‘revolutionary necessity’…
But in complete contradiction we can ‘support’ these kamikazes as ’tilling the soil’ for a vaunted ‘real socialism’ to come.

A renewed U.S. left is forging its own identity—and anti-imperialism needs to be front and center. Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders’ soft imperialism runs counter to the building of an internationalist left.

Source: Internationalism or State Department Socialism? | Left Voice

dropping any further support for socialist hypsters sanders/aoc…//Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Legitimize Regime Change in Venezuela | Left Voice

We have warned over and over again at the way Sanders’ misuse of the term ‘socialism’ is coopting the term altogether. Now AOC is falling into the confusion. To talk about socialism and then fail to support Venezuela shows the endgame of the pseudo-socialists…We withdraw any further support for either of these two…
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has imperialism destroyed the US..?//Will Venezuela Crisis Split Democrats?

It’s been nearly two centuries since Pres. James Monroe used the State of Union address of December 2, 1823, to issue what became known as the “Monroe Doctrine.”  In his declaration, he asserted: “The American continents … are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.” Trump, like most presidents before him, seeks to fulfill Monroe’s assertion. More

Source: Will Venezuela Crisis Split Democrats?

Zionism and the weaponization of the Old Testament as an instrument of oppression…the Old/New Testament as a pack of lies, chucking the Bible in the rubbish, today…

In a strange irony Zionism has proven to be the nemesis of the Judaic tradition, with the Xtian legacy not far behind on a broader range of issues.

The Old Testament has become a dangerous instrument of prejudice, historical propaganda, imperialism and social oppression. The abuse of this text for Zionist machiavellianism is the death sentence for the whole text, in any case the object of fairly thorough secular humanist expose.

(Actually the Old Testament was obviously from the start a territorial propaganda myth as with the myth of Joshua and the invasion and ethnic cleansing of Canaan.)

The New Testament is a direct competitor on the grounds of deception and rank dishonesty.

Time to chuck the Bible in the rubbish, goodbye to all that…

gangster puppets of israel pompeo and bolton rev up to do israel’s bidding: do an iraq on iran…the last undestroyed country in the middle east…would ‘pimp’ do better than puppet?

It is hard to believe that an imperialist gangster like Pompeo thinks he is an evangelical. Pompeo and Bolton as puppet gangsters of Israeli conspiracies to destroy one MIddle East country after another are lip/drool/smacking over the last holdout. A war with Iran could an Iraq on that holdout and essentially destroy it once and for all, long echoes of the 1954 CIA coup…

While Trump is withdrawing US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, he is ramping up aggression against Iran — acting both less and more hawkish than his intelligence agencies. Trita Parsi says Washington is violating international law in its campaign to isolate and strangle Tehran…

Source: Trump Withdrawing from Old Wars While Threatening Iran with New One