Evolution: theory and ideology

 The question of evolution has been the object of a very elusive ideological manipulation and the left has more or less been complicit in that.
The time has long since arrived to dismiss darwinism an make good on the pledge to examine ‘theory and ideology’, in the case of darwinism a fairly obvious instance.
The idea of ‘freedom evolving’ shows just how difficult a real theory of evolution must be and the way metaphysical issues enter to confound ‘science as we know it’.

The question of evolution in our eonic model is based on world history which give us direct access to the visible (if any) process of the evolutionary. The question arises, how can history be ‘evolution’…

Source: Evolution to history: freedom evolving – Darwiniana

Neoliberalism: The Ideology that Dares not Speak its Name 

The question, “What is neoliberalism?” invites a response similar to the old canard about art: “I don’t know what it is, but I know it when I see it”. Unlike art, which seldom rears its head outside a rarified, specially designated setting, neoliberalism is everywhere, which is why we seldom acknowledge its ubiquity, even as More

Source: Neoliberalism: The Ideology that Dares not Speak its Name – CounterPunch.org

 The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…

The model of the eonic effect seems perhaps a bit speculative, but its basic empirical content is well-established and at a time when the left is drifting in confusion over its historicist ideology a new and neutral view of history is needed: the eonic effect would make a good choice, reduced to basics, as an outline and taken as a field to reconstruct the issues of capitalism, socialism, and even religious histories still very strong, Continue reading ” The left has no historical framework, given the collapse of marxist historicism…”

 Tide is turning against darwinism…

The tide is turning against the darwin paradigm, finally and the left dare not get stuck in the rip tide of last ditch efforts of the darwin propaganda machine…
The need to reconstuct a postmarxist critique of ideological darwinism can be an assist in the movement to a new refoundation…

It’s as if she thinks we can be free to think again, to examine the evidence. We must hope the Darwin mob loses its way when setting out to attack her. Maybe help them to lose it?

Source: Eh? Senior Canadian journalist knows Darwinism is bunk? | Uncommon Descent

The cynical zionist exploitation of weaponized biblical ideology

http://www.marxmail.org/msg158701.html: from the Times, via marxmail: U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’

We have analyzed the collapse of judeo-xtianity many times here, in terms of history, secularism, and the eonic effect.

Unfortunately, this collapse has taken the form of a decline of the worst kind: sinking into zionist criminal imperialism to the point of militarist warmongering and an obscene pseudo-religious ideology zionists as secularists don’t even believe themselves. Xtians should not stand for this grotesque strategy exploiting the beliefs of brainwashed religionists. Xtianity is turning into a equal monstrosity in its compliance with this frankenstein of Mossad and its criminal zionists.

Sadly, this factor had always existed in the legacy tradition: the Old Testament’s violent legacy was present from the beginning. We must look back on the history of modern Israel as a catastrophe from the start…


Engels and human control of history…6.5.2 Theory and Ideology: Out of Revolution

A passage from World History and the Eonic Effect with a classic statement from Engels about man taking control of his own history. Unfortunately the marxist corpus taken as science is not sufficient for the task! The problem is immense! And economic history is only a subsidiary stream inside a larger dynamic.
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