The cynical zionist exploitation of weaponized biblical ideology from the Times, via marxmail: U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Is ‘on the Side of God’

We have analyzed the collapse of judeo-xtianity many times here, in terms of history, secularism, and the eonic effect.

Unfortunately, this collapse has taken the form of a decline of the worst kind: sinking into zionist criminal imperialism to the point of militarist warmongering and an obscene pseudo-religious ideology zionists as secularists don’t even believe themselves. Xtians should not stand for this grotesque strategy exploiting the beliefs of brainwashed religionists. Xtianity is turning into a equal monstrosity in its compliance with this frankenstein of Mossad and its criminal zionists.

Sadly, this factor had always existed in the legacy tradition: the Old Testament’s violent legacy was present from the beginning. We must look back on the history of modern Israel as a catastrophe from the start…

Engels and human control of history…6.5.2 Theory and Ideology: Out of Revolution

A passage from World History and the Eonic Effect with a classic statement from Engels about man taking control of his own history. Unfortunately the marxist corpus taken as science is not sufficient for the task! The problem is immense! And economic history is only a subsidiary stream inside a larger dynamic.
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