The passing away of christianity…jesus christ is NOT your personal savior…,// The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams
We have discussed Christianity many times on this blog from a viewpoint related to but different from the realm of ‘secular humanism’ which tends to be shallow. It is hard to estimate the degree of the religious threat from the right at a time when a fascist spectrum is arising in association with rightist religious groups. But one thing is clear: it is a last-ditch effort by religion in retreat. And what a degenerate endgame it is. But ironically the inherent weaknesses of Christianity stand out as the last embers of this monotheistic legacy flicker out.
Somehow nonetheless there is fault on both sides. Secular humanism in its origin but then in its later decline has proven inadequate to the case.

The secular world cannot stand up to the Christian system and one result is that the demented third rate religion of degraded Christianity cannot be challenged in public and/or by politicians. And yet that religion, a point well understood by buddhists and others, is a religion of salvation that can’t save anyone, inflicts the most idiotic rituals and beliefs about prayer, an imaginary jesus, ‘god’, and the nature of the church, both now and in history. The strangest thing about christianity is that it simply can’t handle the idea of god and inflicts a hopeless muddle on its adherents in a ‘package’ that corrupts thought and which can never lead to spiritual understanding. This kind of criticism applied to early education could free millions from the distorted delusions inflicted by the tradition. Here the problem of early Christianity looms to confuse even more. We sense that something lost to us characterized that early era. Whatever it was we have lost it now. Best to face reality. Christianity (and Judaism) are passing away even as they have repeatedly tried to make a comeback and over the era of the modern, in the US, displaced a secular politics with a species of corrupt politician playing the Christian in the demonic endgame of a religious cynicism, exploitation of innocent minds allowed no feedback with reality. The collision with the world of psychology is often counterproductive. That world is equally shallow and cannot produce a true ‘spiritual’ psychology. But Christianity can’t either. The result is an aborted modernity cursed with endless recursions of exploitative Christian pseudo-theology.

It can help to stop thinking Christianity has anything sacred about it and simply call it our for what it is. People need to move on, and their ‘salvation’ needs to be confronted beyond the deliberate lies of churches aimed at subjugating populations in the manner of the religion of the Christian emperors whose capture of some unknown original turned into the instrument of religious domination and repression. Behold, the congregations of christian retards….

The white Christian nationalists get together

As Congress debates voting rights and investing in the people, it’s important to understand the dark forces that underlie the increasingly reactionary and authoritarian politics on the rise in this country.

Source: Opinion | The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams | Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

Secular humanism  

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As our posts on issues of free will, soul, evolution and religion confront the obstacle that modern society has no institutions that can help man with his psychological or religious questions. None. The issue of soul for example cannot at any point reach public discussion in religious and secular orgs. It is cancel culture all the way. You can’t even exchange an email with Darwin fanatics or secular humanists. And yet I am close secular humanism myself, but not the cult of fanatics and narrowly cultists of humanism. There is no real method or standard here to a kind of open mind is essential.
It is might be time to consider some kind of upgrade of secular humanism: its views tend to be inverted religion. One should critique religion but not invert it. The issue is not two opposites but three or four. If we reject religion we may or may not reject a spiritual domain. Or we might reject a spiritual domain and adopt the materialism of Samkhya as a basis of religion. We might be anti-religion and contemplate the soul of man in another sense. The discussion is vast and complex.

Secular humanists demand naturalism, but as Nagel discusses that in the book cited yesterday Mind and Cosmos the question of naturalism is not so simple and has confounded/confused the theory of evolution as Darwinism.
Secular humanists should have been more responsive to the problems with Darwinism, instead the cult of Darwin a la Dawkins is enforced like a religion.

Here is a curve ball: is the question of soul spiritual or naturalistic? The issue is undecidable so far, but to me the question of soul is naturalistic: man is a creature in an extended material comples with aspects that aren’t material, force fields, for example.  In fact I suspect the soul is one of materialism, but in a new mode. The question of what is ‘nature’ has been never been made definite. The spiritual can’t easily be defined and maybe the question should be abandoned and replaced with a general philosophy like Samkhya, which however has its own dualism. But at least here we don’t end up in useless debates that are schizophrenic: one part of man is material and some other part is spiritual. It has never worked and Christianity, in part responsible for the inverted stance of humanists, is the most confused and barren concoction of misunderstood teachings, where not lies outright. Small wonder humanists freak out, and then overrreact.

Neither side can find a reasonable view of anything, as the soul question might indicate.
The issue should stand on the nature of modernity, more or less, and the modern transition from 1500 to 1800 shows a massively rich constellation of rich cultural materials, almost all of which are simply amputated out of secular humanism with its rationalism that can’t even do justice to the Enlightenment, its Darwin evolutionism, its limited philosophic stance, and its lack of any sound ethical or aesthetic canon.

A key problem is the domination of reductionist physics and the elimination of any real chance of a psychologically sane view of man and his mind.

In any case the confusions of Christianity have been very tragic, but the solution is not the inverted views of the humanists who need to rethink all questions from scratch…

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The real point here is not ‘atheism’ which is often itself incoherent, but the imaginary claims for salvation, faith, etc, etc…The whole fraudulent core of its theology.
Christians simply reincarnate like most others….

Protestant reformed secular humanism…’atheist’ xtianity…the rogue term ‘god’… June 13th, 2018 • As monotheism dissipates it might be helpful to recast secular humanism in a broader perspective. A t…

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 The coming dark night of the soul for secular humanism…? Laugh it off, and keep on trekking

The secular humanist holds an ‘ace in the hole’ but overall suffers a poor hand, a situation open to repair by any number of combinations of cultural vitamins. But the ‘secular’ world, and I take it that post-christianity in progress is the only real option, but the larger sphere of spiritual history and modernity beset with the New Age movement is starting to enter a dark woods where house calls by the General Semantics movement rescue dogs and a shot of whiskey is not contraindicated. Modernity cannot refuse to reevaluate such legacies but the task is daunting, and former ‘impartial’ judges as ‘buddhas’ are long gone. Can modern man resolve his confusion via, say, Buddhism? Not likely. Mostly, Buddhists are ‘boddhisatwas’, and have vowed not to reach enlightenment… ??? Is this the way, or did the original stream starting with Buddha get it right?

The issue will default to ‘psychologists’ and their fee per hour racket. They are some of the most ignorant, venal and intolerant people in society, making a bundle enforcing social conditioning. Modern scientific so-called psychology has virtually no achievements of any note in the discussions of consciousness.

I can only suspect the author of this book has gone off the deep end, but his claim about the transitional ‘I’ in the transition from sleep to waking with quotes from Ramana Maharsi is so oddball novel (to me) that I am momentarily at a loss to respond. Since the author is out to demolish traditional yogas and meditation, his drastic counterargument causes near fumble by the reader. We have no ‘scientific’ way to test or evaluate statement about the complexities of human consciousness, even as the term ‘enlightenment’ enters chaotic semantics.
But he makes some bad mistakes about history, the Axial Age, and the so-called natural state of Paleolithic man, etc, that his thinking almost has to be wrong, as a fair guess.
The danger here is that the powers that be will invent a substitute and make it a form of conditioning, as we can see from the fake religion of Darwinism.

These arguments follow the older periodization of the Yugas, and everything is mostly in decline. But the eonic model refutes all these archaic arguments. The eonic sequence shows progresssion and progress. However that may not include issues of ‘consciousness’ which is a species characteristic. However that human software does allow the realization of a potential for self-consciousness, etc… Confused by this fact many conclude that since modern man seems unconscious man is declining. That is completely wrong. Man’s consciousness software package has been roughly the same all along.

The post-Christian era (ditto Islam/Judaism) is inevitable, but one last connection remains, especially with Judeo-christianity: do you understand what happened with that? What the heck hit you there? There is a mystery that even a secular humanist can’t grasp. We might take up the subject in another post. But I would say, never look back and move on, but don’t pretend that the average atheist account gets it right either. Someone or something staged the genesis of xtanity in a strange operation that has lost its evidence base, the more to confuse the object of the operation.

The realm of spiritual knowledge is falling into chaos in the secular context. I doubt if it was ever much different. But this book shows how big the muddle can get. There is no easy way to validat…

Source: ????…///YOGA DOES NOT WORK: Without the Transitional ‘I’ : The Astounding Vedic Secret to the God State, Turiya. A Revolutionary Scientific Approach to spiritual enlightenment. – Kindle edition by Richardson (Pen Name), Samuel . Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ – The Gurdjieff Con

  The immense harm done by ‘christianity’

Christianity almost swallowed up the American experiment and may still do so. Let us note in terms of discussions today that Christianity belongs to another era, but did ‘luck out’ with a Reformation which forced its entry into modernity. But the Reformation swiftly evolved into a host of different things, not least the Enlightenment. So the ambiguity has haunted the modern world, and the American experiment especially. Thomas Jefferson was no
Christian, perhaps a deist, and that should have been the tone of the modern American realization. Deism is perhaps the hypotenuse between atheism and theism, but seems on the right track. But instead Christianity has moved into a new field given for the future with a stultifying religious construct, an entire mess, from the Roman Empire. The confusion has turned the whole population into a new kind of idiot and threatens to destroy the American Republic. The whole Christian construct was flawed from the start and the process of secular humanism, which itself contracted into an ideology, was essentially defeated by an obsolete religious monstrosity. The passing of Christianity is accelerating and soon the choice for the future will confront the American vision. Unfortunately, shallow secular humanism, Darwinism, and capitalism have come to monopolize the field in confusion that has abandoned the Enlightenment for a combination of Nietzche, Machiavelli, and the psychopathic logic of covert operation Hollywood movies. But this situation is visible in antiquity. Look at the Romans, their paganism emerged in primordial fashion and was in reality out of place in the world pointed to by the Greek Enlightenment. To be sure the Greeks never quite overcame their paganism. We see Christianity it eternal terms, but it was a creature of its time and brought to a close the archaic pagan world.
But in modern times chaotification has set in. In our time Secular Humanism is the token to the future but still too undeveloped to serve that purpose. The theism/atheism dilemma is not the real issue: secular humanism adopts aggressive atheism, which is good up to a point (note the parallel Marxist movement), but in the end, in great frustration, atheism appears to be as bad as theism. The simple resolution is to see a false dualism of terms that are not defined and therefore incoherent.
Christianity seems to claim the mantle of ethics but its ethical mythology which served antiquity perhaps is so silly it turned all parties into scofflaws.
In any case, Christianity has so degenerated it may just fall away like a scab, but it will leave behind a question: what was that? we may never figure it out and will to just move on.
But the realization of modernity has been so delayed and muddled with biblical idiocy and capitalist Xmas that a whole civilization is likely to founder and not recover.
In the nonce the entire homework assignment of modernist realization has become, homework left undone. Student gets a D, exeunt omnes.

Thus Marxism and secular humanism point to some potential but they are going to end with the same verdict, the immense hard done by Marxism, secular humanism, and television advertising… Marxists should consider that the future lies with socialism, not Marxism, or the cult of Marx. They should not be so obsessively cultic as the Christians. Secular humanism need to broaden its understanding, and shovel dirt over the theism/atheism question. Who cares. Check out Taoism maybe, itself however another triadic myth distant cousin the occidental triadic myth(s).
Note: Machiavelli was NOT a modern thinker and he did NOT produce a science of politics. Yet he has overtaken modern politics for multiple brands of political outlaw. He is perhaps an Italian Renaissance thinker of some kind but he is not a part of the modern transition, as Kant tried to point out, in problematical thinking of his own, perhaps, in this debate with Benjamin Constant, what to say of Machiavelli. Kant was chastised for his simplistic logic contra lying, but now in the era of Trump we see his point, or at least let’s hope we do. The modern politician is a degenerated species and unable to provide any kind of leadership.

Source:  R48G: historical dynamics and the eonic effects: the Christian analog?   – 1848+: The End(s) of History