R48G: blogbk: Decoding WH: the left in historical context, the coming crisis

Having rushed to complete ‘Decoding World History’, it is time to consider a new form of the left. So,…

…this is another ‘blog book’ in progress next to “The Anthropocene…” and “Capitalism, Communism…”, etc: A theme of a new left requires a completely new prospectus and yet a useful critique and selection from the Marxist corpus. The left needs a new view of history, evolution, and socialism/capitalism. And it must if not reformist offer in advance a failsafed revolutionary transition. Being a revolutionary isn’t quite the issue: the greater system of history will do the revolution for us, yet we need to be ready
We have already written this book:
Two Manifestos
But we need a more robust version
And the ‘democracy’ in ‘democratic socialism has to robust and protected from the trend toward stalinism that lurks in old fashioned marxism.
The world has a secret wish for socialism but doesn’t trust marxist legacies to deliver.

Marxism has frozen in place and become a kind of religion. At the same time there are no really active groups or movements in the sense that there were in the Second International. But we can’t repeat that era’s material. The Reform/Revolution axis has produced a general stall.
We can easily create a framework that works in both modes .But marxism could be easy to repair

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