nonsense via evolutionary psychology…//Cuban Society in the Eyes of Evolutionary Psychology – Havana Times

This is a strange essay to be reading in the Havana Times…??? It is a good example of the confusion created by Darwinism and its sidekick, evolutionary psychology. Cuba is evidently a failure and has ended up recreating class, no doubt with some help as here with the pseudo-sciences of evolution.
To be clear: evolution does not proceed by natural selection as in the errors of Darwinism (tragically endorsed by a confused Marx, over a century ago). We do not know how homo sapiens evolved but it wasn’t via natural selection producing hierarchical structures, as far as we know. We don’t know when and how man evolved and the nature of humans psychology is only barely understood.

When Fidel Castro took power we were told we would all be equals, but this promise never amounted to more than rhetoric used in propaganda.

Source: Cuban Society in the Eyes of Evolutionary Psychology – Havana Times