The 9/11 conspiracy remains repressed from public consciousness

In the whole twenty years span the public has remained fooled by ‘conspiracy’ staged by the US government and Israel and/or covert elements as a false flag op. The whole game has been exposed over and over again but the propaganda version of the false flag op remained deeply repressed as the deception stays firm

Source: Opinion | Afghanistan May Forever Be the Graveyard of Empires | Michael Winship

U.S. Joins Past Empires In Afghan Graveyard 

An Afghan taxi-driver in Vancouver told one of us a decade ago that this day would come. “We defeated the Persian Empire in the eighteenth century, the British in the nineteenth, the Soviets in the twentieth. Now, with NATO, we’re fighting twenty-eight countries, but we’ll defeat them, too,” said the taxi-driver, surely not a member of the Taliban, but quietly proud of his country’s empire-killing credentials.

Source: U.S. Joins Past Empires In Afghan Graveyard –