The California Recall’s Warning for Democracy 

Governor Gavin Newsom of California defeated yesterday’s recall election by a large enough margin to squash earlier Republican threats to challenge the results no matter the outcome. But the proliferation of those allegations of voter fraud before the election, including ungrounded claims from former President Donald Trump that the contest was “rigged,” points toward an ominous future in which more GOP candidates challenge the results of any election that they do not win.

Source: The California Recall’s Warning for Democracy | Portside

America died on 9/11, perhaps there is ghost…//John McCain adviser explains why the Trumpified GOP has become ‘the greatest threat since 9/11’ 

These comment rackets can’t yet grasp that the fascist strain was already at work in the 9/11 murder of three thousand American citizens in the false flag op staged with Israel to justify the war on terror and the subsequent genocide of millions in the middle east.
The unbelievable success at brainwashing the public and blaming those who point to the evidence as conspiracy theorists is one of the most gruesome success stories in the history of propaganda…
Even the left was fooled as Chomsky, suspiciously, refused to consider the evidence.

The former Bush official and McCain adviser goes on to say that in one sense, the United States is facing a more perilous national security threat in 2021 than it did after al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. There were no prominent Republicans or Democrats defending al-Qaeda after 9/11, Wallace argues — whereas apologists for the bloody January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol Building by Trump supporters are plentiful in the Republican Party.

Source: John McCain adviser explains why the Trumpified GOP has become ‘the greatest threat since 9/11’ –