‘Our Entire Democracy Is Now at Risk’


The GOP’s dark plot to win elections 

The first of those strategies, of course, is to replace actual election officials with Republican hacks so they can throw out the votes they don’t like and simply decide elections on their own. That strategy also includes suppressing the vote and stopping people from voting, as GOP Governor Ducey did yesterday, throwing 140,000 voters (including 30,000 Latinos) off the rolls.As I wrote yesterday, they’ve passed those laws in several states now and are proposing them in nearly every state in the union, and the only defense American democracy has against them is the For The People Act, which hinges on changing or ending the filibuster.But the second, and most evil part of their strategy — at least in the context of their total disregard for human life — has to do with the coronavirus.Their logic goes something like this:1. Convince enough Americans not to get vaccinated that the country never reaches herd immunity and President Joe Biden therefore cannot get the virus crisis under control.2. The failure of Biden to control the virus will mean, like what happened to Trump, that the economy will not get back to full functioning, either.3. As any first-year Political Science student can tell you, the biggest single variable in most elections, particularly federal elections, is the economy. If Republicans can keep the economy off-balance by keeping the virus circulating, they’ll have a much better chance of winning elections in 2022 and particularly in the presidential race in 2024. And if they can use uncertainty about when the coronavirus crisis may end here to crash the stock market, that gets them double bonus points!

Source: The GOP’s dark plot to win elections – Alternet.org

Noam Chomsky tells Mehdi Hasan why he thinks the GOP is the ‘most dangerous organization in human history’ – 

Hasan asked Chomsky why he considers the modern GOP “the most dangerous organization in human history” — to which the Philadelphia native, born in 1928, responded, “They’re the only organization in human history that is dedicated, with passion, to ensuring that human survival, survival of organized human society, will be impossible. That’s exactly their program since 2009, when they shifted to a denialist position under the impact of the Koch Brothers juggernaut.”

Source: Noam Chomsky tells Mehdi Hasan why he thinks the GOP is the ‘most dangerous organization in human history’ – Alternet.org