Capitalist globalization at 5G?who cares, dismantle the whole thing…

A strange kind of who cares rises at the spectacle of the world economy which is frozen mentally and structurally in place and on its way to disaster, climate crisis at 5G.
Fact: the world population might have better survival chances as ‘beggars’…

COVID-19 has not only presented the global economy with its greatest public health challenge in over a century, but also likely killed off the notion of America’s “unipolar moment” for good. That doesn’t mean full-on autarky or isolationism but, rather, enlightened selfishness, which allows for some limited cooperation. Donald Trump’s ongoing threats to impose additional More

Source: Even If Biden Wins in a Blowout, the Economy Still Isn’t Coming Back –

 The left can’t even state its own platform

We can respond to this interesting article with our own simpler affirmation of a neo-communism with a new International in the form or our ‘democratic market neo-communism’: the left seems incapable of even stating its own viewpoint, in part due to the needles complexity of marxist theory.
The question of how to reconstruct society in a postcapitalist world is complex and often muddled on the left as much as the right given the complexity of what for example a socialist society would look like.
In a word, an intelligent and coherent socialism with a new International is surely an exact recipe from the left, and yet the left is apparently incapable of even using their own legacy without complete muddle.

Source: Will the Coronavirus Change the World? We Must Be Very Careful How We Answer That Question | Common Dreams Views

 “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall’…Frost…

The capitalist and imperialist misdevelopment via ‘globalization’ has generated an ominous ‘karma’ at the point where the whole converges on a part with a result likely to be catastrophe.
The effect of globalization should have been balanced development over the whole, stable populations, and a basic sanity about the coming catastrophe of climate change. It is doubtful if walls are going to resolve the problem as millions, then tens of millions, finally hundreds of millions converge on the North/South boundaries.

“As we celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is tragic that so many new walls have been built across Europe to keep out the most vulnerable people on our planet.”

Source: ‘The Business of Building Walls’: New Report Shows Companies Cashing In on Europe’s Expanding Anti-Migrant Barriers | Common Dreams News

Beyond capitalism to real globalization

The world is moving from a early modern ‘euro-focus’ to the creation of a global oikoumene: while capitalism helped to produce some of the groundwork for this it is in the end counterproductive and the real effect of a global community is thwarted by the imperialism of the starting areas.
We should note that the US is only marginally a part of the modern transition, and it swiftly deviated from anything like a purveyor of global community…

R48G: Eurocentrism, the eonic model and the left
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