Notes toward a critical marxism and a new path to postcapitalism

I hope to write a new summary of the issue of critical Marxism discussed here many times and some solutions there. In the process we can add a new approach to world history, and a parallel critique of Darwinism. I seriously doubt that the current Marxist left has any second chances. And yet the world needs a form of socialism or communism in hybrid with democracy. If we examine Marx’s thinking we can see a set of (fatal) mistakes. His stages of production theory says that history will move automatically beyond capitalism. That theory of history just isn’t correct and has the weakness that it labels an unknown as the stage in question. But we can see that unless you get specific a figure like Stalin can simply make up his own definition using the term. And this is what happened with Bolshevism. Ant the result is that critics have a field day with an outcome that is clearly something else but which everyone calls ‘communism’. And amazingly Marxists don’t even protest.

I think the problems with Marxist theory are easy enough to repair, but let’s hope it isn’t oo late. Our approach won’t have, let’s hope, the problem as above: we speak of and eco-socialist ‘democratic market neo-communism’. In this way you cannot call Stalin’s fiasco communism if it doesn’t also have democracy, etc… The goal requires complex specification.
This failsafe approach just might renew interest and enthusiasm about socialism, at a time when a new generation is despairing of capitalism. People will prefer to go over Niagara Falls before they embrace the now dated legacy with its reputation for Stalinist horror.

There is at first zero chance of persuading Marxists of anything. The canon of Marx is almost a form of scripture. But the realization that Marxism will block any path beyond capitalism if it doesn’t pay dues to the legacy, might finally renew trust in a new kind of social politics

As disaster looms closer, perhaps a new audience will emerge.

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