Israel Is Systematically Poisoning One Million Palestinian Children

We have now entered 2020, the year in which experts at the United Nations (UN) once predicted Gaza would become unlivable. But the sad reality is not only that those same experts said that Gaza was already unlivable in 2017, but that now the population of 2 million residing in Gaza are under the real threat of genocide.

Source: Israel Is Systematically Poisoning One Million Palestinian Children | Portside

 Climate Genocide

So unflinching is Republicans’ anti-Christian racism and social-Darwinist contempt for the poor that it includes a blithe willingness to make poor people of color–perhaps by the hundreds of millions!–victims of climate genocide. Since poor people of color are being hit first and worst by the accelerating climate crisis–and since Republicans are criminally ramping up that crisis–it follows that most of the initial unnecessary deaths caused by Republican policies will be racist, social-Darwinist ones.

Source: Referendum 2020: A Green New Deal vs. Racist, Classist Climate Genocide