Fox News viewers experienced ‘changes in attitudes’ after watching CNN for 30 days: study  

One of the things that makes Fox News and Fox Business effective indoctrination tools for the MAGA far right is the fact that so many of their gullible viewers don’t consume non-MAGA media outlets and live in a far-right bubble. So, when Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says something ridiculous — such as c

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Advice That Kills

why over 60 million Americans who are eligible to be vaccinated are still refusing — including hospital workers in some parts of the country.Everybody treats it like it’s a confounding question with no easy answer. The actual answer, though, is pretty straightforward: the psychopaths running the rightwing media ecosystem dominated by Fox “News” and social media, and echoed by 1500 radio stations across the country, have decided people dying and being disabled is both profitable and politically advantageous to them.

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Taking on poor old Fox news capitalist dementia head on…//Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protesters railing against communist dictatorship | Fox News

Poor old Fox news: boilerplate against socialists sounds more and more hollow. The Foxers were right until history slips away, and leaves capitalism high and dry. Socialism is suddenly starting to look inevitable, as long as Marxists don’t wreck the last chance. But the force of reactionary strongholds isn’t going to go away based on reason. The strange and tragic damage done by an idiot such as Trump has brought out in the open a US one didn’t quite knew existed. Trumpism is breaking new record for ‘hopeless idiocy’ in denouncing vaccination. Our DMNC model is just that, a model, but one that could work the first day. Marxsm is completely stuck on an obsolete version of pseudo-communism

Anti-government protests broke out Sunday in Cuba demanding freedom and calling on an end to the country’s communist dictatorship, and yet some of the U.S.’s most outspoken Democratic socialists seem to be in lockstep by not acknowledging the historic events unfolding on the island about 90 miles from Florida.

Source: Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protesters railing against communist dictatorship | Fox News

The conservative media are killing Trump’s campaign

Even close allies of Donald Trump are flummoxed about why he hadn’t grasped earlier in the Covid-19 pandemic that it was in his own best interests to “at least pantomime[] a sense of command over the crisis or convey[] compassion for the millions of Americans impacted by it,” according to The Washin

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