Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment 

Years pass, and journalist Julian Assange languishes in a British jail. His crime? Truthful reporting of U.S. military atrocities in Iraq, reporting that sparked a lust for vengeance among U.S. politicos and military men. With Assange, the American empire would manage what imperialists couldn’t with whistleblower Edward Snowden, who slipped through their fingers by wisely More

Source: Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment – CounterPunch.org

 Criminalizing dissent will legitimize rebellion…

As British playwright and political rabble-rouser George Bernard Shaw noted, “You don’t learn to hold your own in the world by standing on guard, but by attacking, and getting well hammered yourself.” That certainly has been true of progressives in our country. We’ve never been able to advance o

Source: Jim Hightower explains who’s behind the increasing suppression of your right to protest – Alternet.org