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How could it happen that ‘good government’ could so decline/debase/degrade that the top dog in the oval office could even/ever agree to murder with drone strike technology? In an un-sick society the obvious would prevail: murder is not good government.

Note: soldiers are selected from stupid statistical ranks, get promoted to advisory high idiot levels, and militarize/dumb down dot govs: that plus covert agency psychopaths and categories like ‘national security’ at full bullshit levels, results? drone murder, very high tech, evil science… Oval office murder one syndrome…goodbye US: fascist endgames…plus presidents are selected for their stupidity, at best….

“That was not a ‘mistake,'” said journalist Anand Giridharadas. “War crimes are not oopsies.”

Source: US Urged to End Drone Strikes After Pentagon Says Killing 10 Afghan Civilians Was ‘Horrible Mistake’

Bolivia: the Danger of Neoliberalism With Fascist Characteristics 

A relevant article by Thierry Meyssan has been published that reveals the deep historical fascist/catholic links leading up to the coup in Bolivia and the danger that may lie ahead as a result. It is important to be aware of this in order to provide informed solidarity with the people of Bolivia and a sharper More

Source: Bolivia: the Danger of Neoliberalism With Fascist Characteristics –

Guaido’s ridiculous fascist posturing…//’The Moment Is Now’: Clashes Erupt After US-Backed Guaido Calls for Military Uprising in Venezuela

It is hard to determine the real facts on the ground in Venezuela but one thing clear: an absurd figure like Guaido could never have any legal foundation if he did gain power. As the most ridiculous figure of a plant/stooge his position is laughable and could never achieve any legitimacy beyond that of fascist caudillo. The ridiculous pouting of slogans of democracy is self-parody and a mockery of constitutional legitimacy. The US has goofed repeatedly since the beginning of the year, and seems to be staging an unintended expose of its imperialist stupidity. This takeover could finally succeed, at the price of the final eclipse of US pretenses toward democratic (read neo-liberal) refoundation.

Elected government of President Nicolas Maduro vows to end coup attempt orchestrated by “traitors” supported by Trump administration

Source: ‘The Moment Is Now’: Clashes Erupt After US-Backed Guaido Calls for Military Uprising in Venezuela

what the media doesn’t get about the fascist hyaenas in washington…//What does the media not get about sanctions on Venezuela? 

The US is essentially finished as a nation state: it has become a toy for a criminal class guilty of gurring democracy, imperialism, plunder, militarism, false flag murder of its own citizens, proxy wars for Israel in the middle east, genocide, environmental planetary destruction…

Source: What does the media not get about sanctions on Venezuela? | Green Left Weekly