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There is a lot of ‘far out’ discussion of the issues of anti-democratic occult politics at the G-con blog: read with skeptical caution but consider a realm of discourse that secular culture can no longer manage…

gurus and fascism?..//The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump So why would the buddha entities wish to destroy modern democracy and degrade culture with drones like Trump? To Trump, democracy is a…

Source: /2018/02/14/gurus-and-fascism-the-ghost-of-fascism-in-the-age-of-trump/ – The Gurdjieff Con

American politics in self-destruct mode

There is something eerie about the self-destruction of the american (so-called) republic: it often seems as if some unseen force or malevolent power is able to manipulate trump to vitiate the political integrity of the political system such as it is or remains. We cannot quite see how this works and the ambiguities of russiagate blind us to the global conspiracy against democracy. Continue reading “American politics in self-destruct mode”