Communicating incommunicado with marxmail listserv gang…

historical materialism? Re: A Marxist cult?
From: Nemonemini
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Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2021 11:15 am
You say I am subscribed but under moderation, which means I am not subscribed really, since I can't post anything and end up with bits and pieces on the list that are out of context.
I tried to send some of the material to a few list members individually just to make the point that what I post is never seen by anyone: the last time I will do this, since some object. In effect, I can only toe the line or be moderated, i.e. silenced.
This has become a waste of time and one more indication of a gulf of communication. Marxists obviously are too closed into a cult mindset over Marxist dogma to consider their position.
In any case, this whole discussion ends up on my blog, and a marxmail scandal will be open to the publican Googled.
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Although Buchanan offers some remedies for possibly saving the U.S. from

becoming a “one-party autocratic state” — passing the For the People Act and the Lewis Act, electing as many Democrats as possible in 2022 and 2024 — the overall tone of his article is quite pessimistic. And Buchanan fears that the U.S. may have already passed the point of no return.”No one should be under any illusions about what has already happened,” Buchanan laments. “As much as anyone, I would like to be convinced that our constitutional democracy is not in an inescapable death spiral. Those who can find ways to undo the damage need to step up now, if such options exist.”

Source: Legal expert warns of a ‘death spiral’ that could end with the US becoming a ‘one-party autocratic state’ –

 9/11 too complex and timing too convenient to have been due to terrorists

Telling summary article.
Slowly but surely the realization that the timing of 9/11 was too convenient to have been the work of terrorists (as if Bin Laden et al. could have mounted such a complex operation. Only entities on the scale of covert agencies: US/Mossad could have mounted such a false flag op). The Saudis were all patsies.)
I won’t press this interpretation of my own here but the author seems to be squinting over his raised poker hand in a bluff.

The whole game from 9/11 to Afghanistan (the author’s intent is larger and starts with colonial America) is so appalling that American democracy is effectively nullified behind the carefully maintained front of democratic ritual.
We have no option for revolution that we can envision so a terrible evil has encased the social state and produced the patriotic mindcontrol and ideological capitalist religion of the citizens, objects of total contempt in the whole mafia state, which we suspect in Afghanistan was trough of the milit-indust complex and/or a creeping complot toward fascism in disguise….

Instead, the neo-con Project for a New American Century seized on the fact of A New World Order and foretold a regime of U.S. global domination that could never be challenged. It declared the need for “a new Pearl Harbor” that would galvanize the will of the American people to cement its military dominance over all other nations, forever. The 9/11 event came along on schedule, as needed, and the U.S. began its campaign to dominate the world under the color of yet another rhetorical fig leaf, the Global War on Terror.It is impossible to understand Afghanistan, or Iraq for that matter, without understanding this context.

Source: Opinion | The Lessons the U.S. Will Probably Not Learn from Afghanistan | Robert Freeman

The Resistance Remains Hollow: The Weimar Ways of the Dismal Democrats 

Again, and again, the neoliberal era Democrats’ cringing subordination to corporate, financial, and military-industrial authority (to concentrated wealth and power) has depressed and deactivated much of non-Republican electorate in ways that have combined with the right-leaning biases of the U.S. electoral system to recurrently open the door for the nation’s rightmost party to gain power despite its vast unpopularity. By giving the nation’s working-class majority little if anything positive to vote and fight for, the Democrats repeatedly reveal their progressive-sounding rhetoric as manipulatively elitist and inauthentic. More

Source: The Resistance Remains Hollow: The Weimar Ways of the Dismal Democrats –

Losing Democracy 

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy . . .” – Plato, The Republic, circa 375 B.C. Leave it to the Republicans, and the “American experiment with fascism,” as a former White House official wrote, will become something permanent. Our democracy will be nothing more than a veneer, as in Hungary. And this un-American backdrop as More

Source: Losing Democracy –