The Christian fraud: an exit strategy?

The American Christian spectrum of churches is in grave danger, as is global Christianity, despite its remaining hold in many areas of globalizing modernity. The secular tide is inexorable, and yet the American case seems an exception as a hideous right-wing brand or brands seems to be on the increase. Sociologists by and large, as far as I can tell, seem to be documenting otherwise, but whatever the case the long-range of history suggests the growing tide of ‘secularism’, and the progressive passing away of Christianity, however regressive the American case might be. It is doubtful to me that the right could do more than a temporary come back followed by renewed waning. One good reason among others is the sheer poverty of the evangelical abortion of religion, with theory and the right to own arms mixed up a toxic brew that can do little but create theological cripples. Continue reading ” The Christian fraud: an exit strategy?”

Weapons of Faith: The Arming of American Schools –

The United States remains a country of tenacious faith.  The nature of that faith stretches from the digital pulpits of Silicon Valley, where cool technology occupies the seat of majesty, to the hot Bible Belt of spiritual endurance and suffering, where the good Lord holds sway in stern disapproval.  In between, market fundamentalists take time to worship the invisible hand of business and capitalism.

Source: Weapons of Faith: The Arming of American Schools –

 The Darwinism fantasy and the destruction of science

This lets the cat out of the bag, as if it hadn’t happened already. Biologists have the notable achievement of turning evolution into a kind of fantasy or religion, like the doctrine of the resurrection, have faith and believe.
The sad result is that we can no longer trust scientists. And in the era of the pandemic that has had disastrous results. Here even the left has been complicit. What else in science is propaganda?

Source: Credulity Is the Soil for Darwin’s Tree | Evolution News