Why is the left stuck is darwinian fundamentalism?  It should decamp asap from darwinian ideology

In many ways the question answers itself and the real question is how the world of evolutionary biologists could have been stuck for so long in a fallacious darwinian mindset that has simply discredited the whole profession. Evem amateurs have done better and in fact taken over the front line of the whole question while brain dead PHD’s mumble the old nonsense.
The left can help here with a simplified public take on evolution: although the fact/theory debate has suffered chronic disinfo confusion (on both sides) the basic point, restated remains clear: we look into deep time and see factually that evolution is real. But at the same time a scientific framework to really explain that is not so simple. That’s all that is needed here. Defending ‘natural selection’ there at this point simply exposes some kind of agenda. The very simple formulation above is all that is needed to bypass darwinian fundamentalism, leftist social darwinian, and creationist attempts to inject religion.

Source:    Why is the left stuck is darwinian ideology? – 1848+: The End(s) of History