Deprogramming historical brainwashing

The eonic effect needs a college course… June 19th, 2018 ·
The previous post raised the question of historical study using the eonic effect. The eonic effect should be the subject matter for a college course, but unfortunately professional historians are extremely critical of anything that smacks of ‘speculative’ history and would never allow such a course. Perhaps that can change. Continue reading “Deprogramming historical brainwashing”

 The passing of the ‘paradigm’

But the end of darwinism was signaled even as it started: Jacques Barzun in the 1940’s even as the ‘Synthesis’ was being concocted, clearly exposed the whole game, along with others. Fred Hoyle sank the scheme of darwinism on the spot in the fifties.

The appearance of atheist critics of Darwin and darwinism, such as Jerry Fodor, despite a lot of counterattacks, signaled the end of the reign of dogmatic darwinism…or did it?

Source: What Darwin Got Wrong, Jerry Fodor, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini – Darwiniana

darwinism’s bum steer…//Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

This is a good example of the way darwinian assumptions confuse scientists and lead to wrong conclusions. The statistical problems of natural selection have long since discredited straight darwinism, and we have grounds for rejecting that theory, concluding nothing on that score about intelligent life in the universe.
It would seem suspicious: intelligent life is abundant in the universe because life in emergence is not random.
It is almost incredible that this kind of nonsense goes unchallenged: most scientists are too intimidated to speak out

Humans evolved through a series of highly unlikely events – so finding another intelligence like us would be like winning the lottery many times over.

Source: Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe