The passing of the ‘paradigm’

But the end of darwinism was signaled even as it started: Jacques Barzun in the 1940’s even as the ‘Synthesis’ was being concocted, clearly exposed the whole game, along with others. Fred Hoyle sank the scheme of darwinism on the spot in the fifties.

The appearance of atheist critics of Darwin and darwinism, such as Jerry Fodor, despite a lot of counterattacks, signaled the end of the reign of dogmatic darwinism…or did it?

Source: What Darwin Got Wrong, Jerry Fodor, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini – Darwiniana

darwinism’s bum steer…//Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

This is a good example of the way darwinian assumptions confuse scientists and lead to wrong conclusions. The statistical problems of natural selection have long since discredited straight darwinism, and we have grounds for rejecting that theory, concluding nothing on that score about intelligent life in the universe.
It would seem suspicious: intelligent life is abundant in the universe because life in emergence is not random.
It is almost incredible that this kind of nonsense goes unchallenged: most scientists are too intimidated to speak out

Humans evolved through a series of highly unlikely events – so finding another intelligence like us would be like winning the lottery many times over.

Source: Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

 Evolution: theory and ideology

 The question of evolution has been the object of a very elusive ideological manipulation and the left has more or less been complicit in that.
The time has long since arrived to dismiss darwinism an make good on the pledge to examine ‘theory and ideology’, in the case of darwinism a fairly obvious instance.
The idea of ‘freedom evolving’ shows just how difficult a real theory of evolution must be and the way metaphysical issues enter to confound ‘science as we know it’.

The question of evolution in our eonic model is based on world history which give us direct access to the visible (if any) process of the evolutionary. The question arises, how can history be ‘evolution’…

Source: Evolution to history: freedom evolving – Darwiniana

 Natural selection and students confused over statistics

The front lines of the evolution debate lie in the schools, but just here the whole confusion of darwinism and natural selection enters to compromise the confrontation with creationists and the large public that finds ‘evolution’ a stumbling block. As far as can be determined from this article the standard darwinian scenarios is preached with darwinism and evolution collated.
There is a simple way out here: simply teach the factual and empirical history of evolution but remain open about the mechanisms and skip trying to sneak in natural selection.
The fallacies of natural selection have confused generations of students whose grasp of statistics is compromised for good. Hardly educational…

Source: Teachers Helping Teachers with Evolution | Edhat

 Hard luck case for science: the evolution stumbling block

The question of evolution has become so confused that it is difficult now to sort out the conflict of paradigms.
We can help by compounding the confusion: the idea of the ‘evolution’ of freedom injects a kind of metaphysical curve ball into the discussion and forces the issue of the many kantian-style antinomies that haunt the whole subject.
In general the rise of science on the scale of natural entities arrives as the plateau of biochemistry and then seems to confront a barrier beyond which the physical sciences cannot seem to pass: the biochemistry of life is visible in the DNA realm, and yet the dramatic resolution seems cheated out of its victory in the way evolution fails to fall into place in progression of sciences. The idea of natural selection is the talisman of reductionist fantasy here and fulfills all the hopes of reductionist science, but falls short as the grand scheme crumbles and stops with a mystery as yet unsolved. Our idea of the ‘evolution’ of freedom, which needs to be more concrete, to be sure, shows the exact point at which science, metaphysics, and the evolution of creaturehood confront their peculiar dialectic and stall short of any kind of answer.
The reason is that ‘evolution’ is on the other side of a conceptual barrier, one that connects cosmology, next to issues of teleology, banished from science, and the suspicion of something far more complex than anything science can resolve.

Source: Evolution to history: freedom evolving – Darwiniana

Designs on darwin dummies

And a bad year for a 19th-century creation myth. It’s understandable that Darwinists are a bit dejected.

Source: It’s Another Great Nobel Year for Design Evolution News

Everyone must have known all along that darwinism wasn’t science: the field never received a single nobel prize.

The ID camp has been diligent in critiquing darwinism, but the nature of the design remains obscure: christian stragglers who have skewered the darwinians but failed to really explicate design beyond a reasonable demonstration of its reality. Continue reading “Designs on darwin dummies”