The Post-Pandemic Economy 

What an opportunity to introduce some socialist thinking at a time when the system is potentially open to new approaches. But the specifics of the case are almost more a chance to consider what socialism means than at this point a practical method….

We have a lot of economist type people telling us how awful the economy will be once we get through our near-term shutdown period. At the risk of being accused of unwarranted optimism, I am not sure I buy the pessimists’ story. Before saying anything about the economy, we have to outline where we think More

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‘The most absolutely insane answer’: Trump is desperate to ‘re-open’ the economy — but he’s missing a crucial step 

Ignoring experts’ warnings about the severe public health risks of reopening the economy too quickly, President Donald Trump on Thursday dismissed demands that a nationwide coronavirus testing system be established and fully functional before people are sent back to work, saying it would be a “nice

Source: ‘The most absolutely insane answer’: Trump is desperate to ‘re-open’ the economy — but he’s missing a crucial step –

 Suddenly at the threshold of postcapitalism, if…

We left the ‘if’ hanging: the powers are afraid even a short hiatus implies a transformation to something new…

Want to know why Trump and his voracious pals want to herd us back into normal life even as the air is potentially lethal with the virus? Consumption. The machine that lines their pockets has ground to a halt because people decided they want to keep breathing instead of buy stuff. That is happening in China. Wait until it happens here.For Trump and the capitalists, that is the end of the ever-loving world as they know (and own) it. They will wring the coppers from our bones and not think twice about consumers getting consumed. Someday soon, Trump may well announce the all-clear in defiance of the experts. What remains to be seen is whether people will listen.This is still only the beginning. Stout hearts. Do not listen to the president.

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DMNC taken critically, but still able to work day one…

Our DMNC may well have its own flaws (we used it, again today, scroll down, to critique standard left vacuum models): but the point is that marxists and leftists (viz. alpert and the chomskians) have no real plan for a socialist future: the idea is that if enough people who call themselves socialists, take over with a revolution, then their magic mantra will solve all the problems of socialist construction. Continue reading “DMNC taken critically, but still able to work day one…”