Democratic Eco-Socialism in Australia

Set against the impending ecocide, is the concept of democratic eco-socialism which proses – next to Karl Marx’s primary contradiction of labour vs. capital – a second contradiction to be solved: endless accumulation based on environmental degradation vs. a sustainable future. On this, one might outline four ingredients for democratic eco-socialism. These are: 1) an economy oriented towards meeting basic social and economical needs for everyone (food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, dignified work, etc.); 2) democratic eco-socialism should be based on a high degree of social and economic equality; 3) it should be based on public ownership of the means of production. One might suggest public ownership which does not necessarily mean state socialism but can very well mean anarchism’s community and collectives; 4) environmental sustainability and a safe climate remain imperatives for democratic eco-socialism.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Ecocide in the Pacific

In late 2020 by David Valentine, a curious professor of the University of  California, Santa Barbara, discovered something like 500,000 barrels of DDT littering the ocean floor: a criminal act of pollution that turned out to be the “most infamous case of environmental destruction off the coast of Lost Angeles.” The dumping started in 1947 and continued until 1982, twelve years after the founding of the EPA in 1970. The dumping of DDT was near the Catalina Island. It could not have taken place without the tacit agreement of California and national governments. More

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