Proyect, Marxmail, and cancel culture, Marx’s deception on Darwin

The left desperately needs to debate the evolution/Darwinism question and upgrade their ideological fixation on Darwinism. That theory is a social darwinist ideology in disguise and it has done immense harm. Marx originally was suspicious of Darwin, but then changed his mind, in part due to Engels no doubt, but I suspect his stance was to embrace the materialist aspect as a buttress for his propaganda, although he could the theory was flawed. It is interesting that Bellamy et al. have tried to resurrect Marx’s view on ecology, but where is the equal effort to find the real Marx who started out skeptical of natural selection?

I challenge Marxmail because Project knows perfectly well that Darwinism is ideology. In fact in 2000 after I was unsubbed from a marxist list for challenging Darwinism, Project invited me to Marxmail and allowed critical discussion, for a while.

Marxism is doomed to founder for joining this lie. And the left must start over and find a new perspective and framework. Time for socialists to stop this nonsense. The rightist design argument is no threat. Who cares? Nature shows design. It is not a theistic issue.
I fear that the real problem is that biologists are so second-rate and unintelligent that they can’t see their own idiocy.

Too bad for Proyect, he will have to walk the plank, splash….

Designs on darwin dummies

And a bad year for a 19th-century creation myth. It’s understandable that Darwinists are a bit dejected.

Source: It’s Another Great Nobel Year for Design Evolution News

Everyone must have known all along that darwinism wasn’t science: the field never received a single nobel prize.

The ID camp has been diligent in critiquing darwinism, but the nature of the design remains obscure: christian stragglers who have skewered the darwinians but failed to really explicate design beyond a reasonable demonstration of its reality. Continue reading “Designs on darwin dummies”

Scientism in the era of the anti-hegelian movement…

Marx’s reductionist scientism has crippled the left. You would think that after Kant and Hegel the left could have produced a more intelligent framework than historical materialism. But that’s just the point: the obsession with Hegel in the era of the 1840’s was so extreme that an equally dubious positivism took root and has probably done more to undermine the path to socialism than any other ideological idee fixe.
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