Democratic Eco-Socialism in Australia

Set against the impending ecocide, is the concept of democratic eco-socialism which proses – next to Karl Marx’s primary contradiction of labour vs. capital – a second contradiction to be solved: endless accumulation based on environmental degradation vs. a sustainable future. On this, one might outline four ingredients for democratic eco-socialism. These are: 1) an economy oriented towards meeting basic social and economical needs for everyone (food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, dignified work, etc.); 2) democratic eco-socialism should be based on a high degree of social and economic equality; 3) it should be based on public ownership of the means of production. One might suggest public ownership which does not necessarily mean state socialism but can very well mean anarchism’s community and collectives; 4) environmental sustainability and a safe climate remain imperatives for democratic eco-socialism.

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Slavoj Žižek: Last Exit to Socialism

The best thing Zizek might do is retire, he looks light a ghost, that of lost era of bolshevism

: I cannot via Google figure if he is a Stalinist or not??? He might make an expose the failure of Bolshevism, Stalinism and look to a new sense of the term ‘socialism’. As things stand, he is negative advertisement for socialism, a term we have suggested should no longer get used in isolation, and as in relation to neo-communism with a neo-.  The field of Marx isn’t going to work. A radical shift is needed.
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is one way to failsafe the term ‘socialism’, which might also become ‘neo-socialism’, …

Slavoj Žižek writes in Jacobin that today’s exploding ecological crises open up a realistic prospect of the final exit of humanity itself. Might socialism be our off-ramp, or is it already too late?

Source: Slavoj Žižek: Last Exit to Socialism

Soft leftists should welcome being called socialists…reverse the charges…the right has made socialism inevitable

 The former Colorado governor, who’s raised 91 percent of his 2020 campaign haul thus far from big donors, once drank fracking fluid to prove the chemicals weren’t dangerous to the environment

Source: ‘Read the Room’: Hickenlooper Booed at California Democratic Convention for Decrying Socialism, Calling for Pragmatism | Common Dreams News

At this point the soft leftist should be proud of being called socialist, but correct the misuse of terms  ‘when social democratic’ is used. The center and right have completely spoiled capitalism and made socialism inevitable. Fight back: denounce bolshevism and call the american a pseudo-democratic fascist sewer run by genocidal imperialists, CIA psychopaths, and other reactionaries, for what it is, etc.. This situation has made socialism inevitable…

Obviously the left can’t let republicans define the term ‘socialism’ for them, but the so-called left is often unable to speak clearly on the subject and remains unable to articulate a socialist platform that isn’t social democratic. OK, then activists should correct the right by agreeing but on the semantic proviso that social democratic issues are a step to revolution: the whole system is defunct, and Trump is seeding revolution. That might shut some up. That Trump might get reelected if people think in terms that the right calls socialism suggests the whole system is beyond repair. Who cares if Trump is reelected: do we really think Biden will resolve the question. We should care because we may be able to improve this system somewhat, but the situation may be entering terminal crisis. Trump is destroying basic infrastructure and putting the planet in peril. His days may be numbered, along with the system that created him. Trump, and the right, are themselves forcing a revolutionary situation.  But those who call themselves real socialists may not be any better at using the term.
In terms of the previous post we can see that the american system has ‘lost it’, and, worse, the ENTIRE political and media elite (the price of entry to that elite is self-inflicted blindness) is not capable of grasping their real situation. The US has no leadership and no chances of getting any. Sanders himself has corrupted the term ‘socialism’ so it may be the fault of such that the right also misuses the term.

If those who misuse the term socialism are deluded, what of those on the so-called left who also abuse the term.