tragic irony…The twilight of the growth economy? will degrowth destroy full employment?

The whole discussion here is daydreaming and fails to note the irony that the climate crisis looms and the issue of capitalist growth economics comes to a head as everyone stalls in a kind of stupor of false optimism. What is this system going to do the reality of degrowth comes to the fore?
The left needs to look ahead to a new kind of socialist model, one that can manage the coming crisis of degrowth and climate disaster without letting an elite do that operation, which will simply abandon the working class to save an elite…
The left is still unable to create a new framework that can reconcile the looming disaster by contradiction.

Source: [Marxism] The Economy Is Strong. So Why Do So Many Americans Still Feel at Risk?

Degrowth and our DMNC

We quoted  below some of the material on degrowth from the site at the link.

We should note how easily this thinking could be adapted to our ‘democratic market neo-communism’. The latter was an attempt to consider a functional model of politics and economy in and of itself, but clearly both ecological socialism and degrowth are key issues that in practice would fit nicely. In fact our DMNC just might make degrowth a viable option.

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