Krugman still doesn’t get it: the ‘extremists’ were in the covert sector of CIA/deep state (whatever that is)/etc…+ Mossad’s zionist crime manias

And Krugman stresses that when it comes to terrorism in the U.S., most of the violence has come from domestic extremists — not foreign terrorists and radical Islamists.

Source: ‘Democracy hanging by a thread’: Paul Krugman explains how the US long misunderstood its greatest threat –

 Deep State??? the term semantically compromised multiple times…??

The question of the deep state was addressed here several times, but the blog Deep State appears to be subject to its own conclusions.
We have moved away from using the term at all, it has been semantically compromised in multiple ways, perhaps even by this namesake blog.
The point is simple enough: we don’t need the term to refer to a hidden factor in the US government, one that is directly involved in the issues of the JFK assassination and the 9/11 conspiracy. A blog that calls itself ‘Deep State’ and then promotes the lone gunman theory is subject to skepticism! I have not adequately studied this website but simply point to the existence of hidden factors in the US government, to put it mildly, including but larger than the JFK and 9/11 issues.

Source: A paradox of impeachment politics: There’s one area where Trump and the ‘Deep State’ are in lockstep –

Deep state?  the hidden false flag op of 9/11

The term ‘deep state’ suffers orphanhood and multiple misdefinitions. We might be wary of its usage therefore but at the same time simply point to the giant question mark that lurks before the american government: the lefty has missed a very direct instance in the question of 9/11 and its hidden operators and zionist/mossad entanglement. If ever there was a ‘something’ deserving the term ‘deep state’ it is here, but we should not use the term in any case because we still don’t know who was who in the israeli/US 9/11 false flag op. The left still doesn’t know what hit them here…

For Trump the deep state is the government—or at least those parts of it that frustrate him in any way… This seems like a strange moment to be writing about “the deep state” with the country

Source: The ‘Deep State’ Does Not Mean What Trump Thinks It Means | Common Dreams Views

 R48G: 9/11, cover up, Chomsky, Israel, deep state

The crisis on the left of both the JFK and 9/11 issues remains unresolved and treacherous.
A new left needs to expose the truth about those questions, especially 9/11 and repair its reputation after having fumbled on the question of the US simply murdering three thousand people in false flagging…Figures like Chomsky have been party to the manufacturing of dissent here…

Source: Chomsky manufactures consent on 9/11 deep state conspiracy…?//Isreali mininukes on Twin Towers…where’s the protest? – 1848+: The End(s) of History