darwinism’s bum steer…//Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

This is a good example of the way darwinian assumptions confuse scientists and lead to wrong conclusions. The statistical problems of natural selection have long since discredited straight darwinism, and we have grounds for rejecting that theory, concluding nothing on that score about intelligent life in the universe.
It would seem suspicious: intelligent life is abundant in the universe because life in emergence is not random.
It is almost incredible that this kind of nonsense goes unchallenged: most scientists are too intimidated to speak out

Humans evolved through a series of highly unlikely events – so finding another intelligence like us would be like winning the lottery many times over.

Source: Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe

 Natural selection and students confused over statistics

The front lines of the evolution debate lie in the schools, but just here the whole confusion of darwinism and natural selection enters to compromise the confrontation with creationists and the large public that finds ‘evolution’ a stumbling block. As far as can be determined from this article the standard darwinian scenarios is preached with darwinism and evolution collated.
There is a simple way out here: simply teach the factual and empirical history of evolution but remain open about the mechanisms and skip trying to sneak in natural selection.
The fallacies of natural selection have confused generations of students whose grasp of statistics is compromised for good. Hardly educational…

Source: Teachers Helping Teachers with Evolution | Edhat

Designs on darwin dummies

And a bad year for a 19th-century creation myth. It’s understandable that Darwinists are a bit dejected.

Source: It’s Another Great Nobel Year for Design Evolution News

Everyone must have known all along that darwinism wasn’t science: the field never received a single nobel prize.

The ID camp has been diligent in critiquing darwinism, but the nature of the design remains obscure: christian stragglers who have skewered the darwinians but failed to really explicate design beyond a reasonable demonstration of its reality. Continue reading “Designs on darwin dummies”

   Brazen deception of the darwin paradigm lie

A quiet classic exposing darwinism nearly a generation ago in the 90’s: this book must leave us with the suspicion that biologists already know the ‘Paradigm’ is bunk but conform to the pubic ideology…Outsiders are needed here, still…


Source:   the darwinian ideology was exposed long ago…//Beyond Natural Selection: Robert Wesson – Darwiniana

Evolution and the reign of ideology

The left is dawdling in the morass of dated and no longer viable legacies: darwinism, historical materialism, marxist theories of history, economic supermuddle…
The question of evolution should be simple empiricism: we see ‘evolution’ in deep time, and that leaves us with a somewhat agnostic view with respect to theory. With ‘evolution’ the forces of propaganda took hold and multiple versions of social darwinism, even on the left, emerged using one of the most imbecile oversimplifications in the history of science.
The result is a zoo list of specimens with PHD’s peddling absurdities…

Source: Why does everyone get evolution wrong? a

 Dissent over darwinism is entering mainstream…so long to marxism’s darwin dogma, natural selection and class struggle, etc…

The challenge to darwinism has been there all along buried by the establishment writers and academics. The question is confused by the issue of intelligent design, but its proponents have at least produced a lot of criticism of darwinism that is sometimes useful. Continue reading ” Dissent over darwinism is entering mainstream…so long to marxism’s darwin dogma, natural selection and class struggle, etc…”

 The left allows itself to be fooled by the darwin propaganda system

It is puzzling to see how propaganda so easily ensnared the left on the subject of ‘evolution’. Debriefing natural selection is actually so easy that the result has been the demolition of darwinism by amateurs, while the darwin establishment continues in ignorance, or knowing deception…

That natural selection not only can’t produce ‘evolution’ but can actually ‘undo’ it by degrading complexity (if that is what Behe is saying in his new book) should be…

Source: How is it biologists let the religious right eat their lunch?? – Darwiniana