Washington’s Weaponization of Protests in Cuba Takes Its Regime Change Efforts to New Heights of Hypocrisy – CounterPunch.org

On 11 July, Cuba saw thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in cities across the island. The protests are believed to have started in the Artemisa Province before spreading to neighboring Havana and further afield, including Cuba’s second-largest city, Santiago de Cuba. Press reports largely claim that protesters are motivated by shortages and the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. More

Source: Washington’s Weaponization of Protests in Cuba Takes Its Regime Change Efforts to New Heights of Hypocrisy – CounterPunch.org

End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba: Support the Revolution and the Right to Protest – Left Voice

Thousands took to the streets of Cuba to protest against the country’s deepening social and economic crisis, made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. The conditions in Cuba today are a direct result of imperialist aggression against the country, led by the United States and its 60-plus-year embargo. Meanwhile, the one-party regime represses the protesters who want to defend the revolution.

Source: End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba: Support the Revolution and the Right to Protest – Left Voice

 update: ////‘Communism’ strikes out in Cuba, but capitalism will not solve the problem. Whore houses and casinos are the main interest of those yankees? 

One more post on Cuba. First, do not trust the US. The US destroyed your economy with sanctions to prove that socialism doesn’t work. That’s a fraud plus, and a crime against cuban humanity. Who am I to advise anyone. But the powers that be are so stupid that even with a few points of mental X plus, I come out ahead, stupid, but less so. But the real issue here is finding some exit strategy that is better than capitalism or communism. No matter how hard they try Cubans will still be exploited by ye old Yankees. The double problem here is that capitalism will prove a debt trap, you have to borrow money while the older communism is run by an older marxism that is a monopoly of hopeless idiots. I have been suggesting a new model, DMNC, for several years, but the powers that be control larger opinion, where a blogger as here can’t really get past ten thousand readers a year and stay honest. Throw in Darwin critique and you are de facto censored. Note then that solutions exist, but the elite is far too stupid to get out of a rut, and the capitalist obsession makes it impossible. A simple set of answers exist but they won’t get past the brain-dead capitalist and/or pseudo-communist thugs/elites.
Cubans lost sixty years to pseudo-communism. They should have been a thriving socialism by now. What could work is the kind of hybrid we suggest that is planned, neo-communist, with a new kind of market, the socialist market, They can license resources to socialist entrepreneurs and thrive, with a system tries to harmonize opposites. But the current elites are too far in the past to remedy anything. Noone can give any advice. Scholars, journalists, who to say of politicians, can’t advise you, left or right. Economists can’t advise you: neoclassic economics is an outright fraud. Note that China sailed just past our DMNC model and then didn’t brake. The result was super fast development and otherwise a hopless mess, and dangerous types who think nothing of mass murder. So forget China.
But Cuba should stay on top of its prior expropriation and create a hybrid planned market system. But the elite pseudo-communists have to create democracy of some kind and they can’t be trusted on that. But sill it is possible for another hybrid: in one version we had a four party state:: a congress or parliament of three parties and a fourth party of a communist party also a presidential party. It is job is to guard the Commons. This fourth party is a sort of thought experiment in the duality democracy/authority. The latter is too tricky perhaps, but a useful exercise. Its members can never own property and must be a dedicated elite and one that can cede powers to the larger. That of course they will never do, perhaps. There are several variants. But the American rebs, with a sneaky elite in the background, ceded power to a constitutional succession. So who knows. It is a bad situation for mankind. You can’t trust politicians, you can’t trust communists, you can’t trust capitalists, you can’t trust the Pope or Christian control freaks, you can’t trust economists. So you are on your own. I fear the communist power elite in Cuba is too far gone to figure the way out. And the capitalist hyaenas are ready and waiting.

The point here is that answers are possible, but no one in the usual circles can figure out what they doing. This kind of system needs and international, but the confusions possible mount.

Source: ‘Communism’ strikes out in Cuba, but capitalism will not solve the problem. Whore houses and casinos are the main interest of those yankees? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Taking on poor old Fox news capitalist dementia head on…//Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protesters railing against communist dictatorship | Fox News

Poor old Fox news: boilerplate against socialists sounds more and more hollow. The Foxers were right until history slips away, and leaves capitalism high and dry. Socialism is suddenly starting to look inevitable, as long as Marxists don’t wreck the last chance. But the force of reactionary strongholds isn’t going to go away based on reason. The strange and tragic damage done by an idiot such as Trump has brought out in the open a US one didn’t quite knew existed. Trumpism is breaking new record for ‘hopeless idiocy’ in denouncing vaccination. Our DMNC model is just that, a model, but one that could work the first day. Marxsm is completely stuck on an obsolete version of pseudo-communism

Anti-government protests broke out Sunday in Cuba demanding freedom and calling on an end to the country’s communist dictatorship, and yet some of the U.S.’s most outspoken Democratic socialists seem to be in lockstep by not acknowledging the historic events unfolding on the island about 90 miles from Florida.

Source: Democratic socialists ignore Cuban protesters railing against communist dictatorship | Fox News

  Cuba Protests: Nationwide Unrest as Covid-19 Pandemic Increases Hunger – YouTube


I have often been supportive but critical of Cuba’s communism.
In fact, as we can see Cuba wasn’t what we thought it was.
Another Marxist fraud protected by propaganda and sentimental leftists.

We have over and over again suggested the need for a new post-Marxist approach.
Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ (as ecosocialism) allows a new path to
experimental socialist construction that can actually produce a decent economy
and bypasses the hopeless jackknife effect of ‘communism’ and ‘(liberal/capitalist) democracy’.
This model is only that, but it has the strength that if ordinary liberal capitalism can work then
this new system should also work. Cuba is still another casualty of marxist idiots. The resolution is
utterly simple, perhaps too simple but easily extended with new legal systems, checks and balances and the fundamentals
of expropriation… The effect of planning and socialist markets is almost overkill: but this approach take of the possibilities and
asks us to unite a complete set of opposites in one system

Cuba: a golden opportunity for ‘democratic market neo-communism’…//The 8th congress of the PCC and the challenges facing the Cuban revolution

We reposted the link to a discussion of Cuba and a new model of neo-communism

Source: The 8th congress of the PCC and the challenges facing the Cuban revolution

 From the archives…//Our DMNC could rescue Cuba from the doom wished upon it by the yankee hyaenas…and an emerging neo-bourgeois oligarchy…

Cuba is likely to suffer from bad advice and the illusions of classical Marxism. There is a simple way to move into the future while saving the socialist foundation…

This is a useful article but is still stuck, as with the Cubans in the fallacies of original marxism:

We must return to the teachings of Lenin and Trotsky. A workers’ state, as Lenin described in his classical text, The State and Revolution, is but a quasi-state that immediately begins to dissolve, as it represents the dictatorship of the majority over the minority. Thus, Lenin proposed a series of basic rules inspired by the lessons of the Paris Commune: the election and recall of all public officials, that no public office has a higher wage than that of a skilled worker, the people in arms instead of a standing army etc.

It might help to forget Lenin, Trotsky and bolshevism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, etc…etc.. As for the Paris Commune, it was a near miraculous moment but it cannot easily resolve the full set of requirements for a post capitalist system.

The needless dilemma suffered by Cuba reflects the flaws in the original conception of marxism of the stages of production: it unwittingly strengthens the process of reversal because of the inability to create a postcapitalist economy. The idea that socialism and communism can’t have a market is the original fallacy of the  Marx world. But that market can’t be based on private property: capital and resources must be a part of a Commons. That is different from state capitalism.

Here our conception of (ecological) democratic market neo-communism can help to balance the false contradictions created by a misleading original theory.
Cuba has a golden opportunity to the job right because it has accomplished the task of expropriation.To throw that away would be a great misfortune. But the resolution is not state capitalism but the creation of a Commons and a new set of democratic and economic institutions. Further, democracy must enter and blend with communism.

Planing can coexist with a neo-communism market sphere which also interact with the larger global economy without being blackmailed by exterior capital.

Our DMNC model can avail of this foundation and yet introduce markets in our special sense. It could have a robust economy under a communist umbrella. It ca also be an ecological experiment, introduce Chavez style Communes and/or workers’ cooperatives.
It would be a pity to simply drift into the same failed ‘reform’ that has been the curse of Russia. Here the Vietnamese model is simply not adequate to the case.

After Donald Trump came into office, Washington’s position on the Cuban Revolution has become ever-more belligerent, in a radical change of policy from that followed by President Obama.

Source: Cuba: Trump’s threats, constitutional reform and the economic situation