Keeping americans in line: we won’t get an apology for the Zionist mafia, Israeli crimes against humanity, and the jewish lobby’s destruction of American democracy…

Technically Whoopie Goldberg was wrong on the question of race: Jews are not a race, but Hitler thought otherwise and his deadly racism toward jews needs careful use of the term. But the larger picture is the way the issue of antisemitism is used to police the American public and keep them obedient stooges of the nightmare of the Zionist mafia, the Jewish Lobby, etc, etc…No one in public life has any honesty here, and the whole issue defaults to the larger public which is a powder keg of suppressed anger.

How on earth did the whole ‘Jewish question’ turn into such a nightmare of evil?
The above is not antisemitic…
ABC News suspended “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks on Tuesday night, hours after she apologized for having falsely declared on the daytime program that the Holocaust was “not about race.”

Source: Whoopi Goldberg: ABC News suspends ‘The View’ host – CNN

Sept. 11 – from Big Lie to fascist coup

Counterpunch knows better and has staged a break with the 9/11 lies and propaganda but no doubt has to continue with the massive deception at the center of American politics and culture. This silly and stupid article should be considered out of date!
As 9/11 approaches the social mythology at its most debased will no doubt do its blah blah over the monumental crimes against humanity staged by the growing fascism of the American (deep) state.
The latter term has been so abused it is hardly usable, but it nonetheless can give the warning of the hidden US political mafia

Sept . 11 is approaching – the 20th anniversary of the most startling event in the lifetime of most adults. The notorious Muslim suicide terror attack of

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Trump and Kushner must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity 

Last month I wrote that president Trump had admitted to a crime against humanity. It was true. The president had openly bragged about deliberately slowing down COVID testing for political gain, thereby causing the deaths of untold numbers of Americans to make himself look better. It is a monstrous c

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The evidence of Trump’s crimes against humanity is piling up 

There may come a time when top officials of the Trump administration, including the president himself, will no longer be able to travel abroad without fear of arrest by international authorities. Every day now, evidence accumulates that Trump and his appointees are perpetrating crimes against humanity…

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