The Misuses of Antisemitism in the UK and the USA

Britain and the USA have had close ties, echoes and parallels from our start, some very good, others nasty. One of the latter may now be threatening. Jeremy Corbyn’s rise in Labour Party leadership offered great hopes for a leftward turn in Britain, away from the worrisome policies of Boris Johnson. But hopes were dashed More

Source: The Misuses of Antisemitism in the UK and the USA –

 Corbyn and the media propaganda war

The Corbyn affair is really about the controlled propaganda of the media and hardly means anything. In addition the gross abuse of the ‘antisemitism blackmail’ tactics is almost grotesque.

The left should indeed re-examine their leftist perspective: we have done that here. A new take on socialism such as we have tried to construct (in fragments unfortunately) is in the long/short run essential to counter the associated legacy of past now dinosaur radicalism of the bolshevik era.
But this article shows the reality: that socialism is as popular as ever and that Corbyn was/is finally on the right track…

Source: Corporate Media Find All the Wrong Lessons for US Left in Corbyn’s Defeat | Common Dreams Views

 Too far left? the Sanders gambit

A hostile party establishment and an unfriendly media appear to have convinced many voters that Sanders is “too extreme” or “too far left” to win a general election.And as Sanders gains steam in the early primary states, you can expect Beltway consultants and talking heads to double down on this warning. Much of the work here is done by analogy, with Sanders cast as George McGovern, Jeremy Corbyn, or whichever distant historical character or faraway foreign leader seems most convenient.Of course, we don’t need to cross oceans or generations to find counter-examples: this is the same Democratic establishment that engineered the most disastrous and humiliating election defeat in US history, just three years ago, on our own soil.

Source: Bernie Is the Candidate Who Can Beat Trump. Here’s Why.