Is Marxism Obsolete? Charles Rappoport – COSMONAUT

We have been critical of marxism here in a whole series of posts. In a way, it is true, marxism is obsolete. But we don’t quite say that. We critique marx’s theories taken as science, dialectical materialism as a confused swamp, but take much of marx’s discussion, for example, of class, etc, as a viable heritage. Whether marxism is obsolete or not the fact remains that the whole legacy is beset with mechanized thinking, confusion over bolshevism, and an inability to produce a creative successor to the era of Marx/Engels.
There is a kind of law of life: doctrines become mechanized and betray their followers. This has happened with marxism. At that point you must leave it behind and start over with a fresh framework, one that can invoke the legacy but which must break out of the old with a new language.
And the left is endless confused by bolshevism. The latter was a failure and completely unsafe as an indication of what to do. Lenin is simply not a good guide to the future of socialism. What to say of stalin. Leftist constantly confuse themselves with chapter and verse thinking on boilerplate taken from the canon. That canon has serious flaws and needs to be critiqued. Continue reading “Is Marxism Obsolete? Charles Rappoport – COSMONAUT”