update: ////‘Communism’ strikes out in Cuba, but capitalism will not solve the problem. Whore houses and casinos are the main interest of those yankees? 

One more post on Cuba. First, do not trust the US. The US destroyed your economy with sanctions to prove that socialism doesn’t work. That’s a fraud plus, and a crime against cuban humanity. Who am I to advise anyone. But the powers that be are so stupid that even with a few points of mental X plus, I come out ahead, stupid, but less so. But the real issue here is finding some exit strategy that is better than capitalism or communism. No matter how hard they try Cubans will still be exploited by ye old Yankees. The double problem here is that capitalism will prove a debt trap, you have to borrow money while the older communism is run by an older marxism that is a monopoly of hopeless idiots. I have been suggesting a new model, DMNC, for several years, but the powers that be control larger opinion, where a blogger as here can’t really get past ten thousand readers a year and stay honest. Throw in Darwin critique and you are de facto censored. Note then that solutions exist, but the elite is far too stupid to get out of a rut, and the capitalist obsession makes it impossible. A simple set of answers exist but they won’t get past the brain-dead capitalist and/or pseudo-communist thugs/elites.
Cubans lost sixty years to pseudo-communism. They should have been a thriving socialism by now. What could work is the kind of hybrid we suggest that is planned, neo-communist, with a new kind of market, the socialist market, They can license resources to socialist entrepreneurs and thrive, with a system tries to harmonize opposites. But the current elites are too far in the past to remedy anything. Noone can give any advice. Scholars, journalists, who to say of politicians, can’t advise you, left or right. Economists can’t advise you: neoclassic economics is an outright fraud. Note that China sailed just past our DMNC model and then didn’t brake. The result was super fast development and otherwise a hopless mess, and dangerous types who think nothing of mass murder. So forget China.
But Cuba should stay on top of its prior expropriation and create a hybrid planned market system. But the elite pseudo-communists have to create democracy of some kind and they can’t be trusted on that. But sill it is possible for another hybrid: in one version we had a four party state:: a congress or parliament of three parties and a fourth party of a communist party also a presidential party. It is job is to guard the Commons. This fourth party is a sort of thought experiment in the duality democracy/authority. The latter is too tricky perhaps, but a useful exercise. Its members can never own property and must be a dedicated elite and one that can cede powers to the larger. That of course they will never do, perhaps. There are several variants. But the American rebs, with a sneaky elite in the background, ceded power to a constitutional succession. So who knows. It is a bad situation for mankind. You can’t trust politicians, you can’t trust communists, you can’t trust capitalists, you can’t trust the Pope or Christian control freaks, you can’t trust economists. So you are on your own. I fear the communist power elite in Cuba is too far gone to figure the way out. And the capitalist hyaenas are ready and waiting.

The point here is that answers are possible, but no one in the usual circles can figure out what they doing. This kind of system needs and international, but the confusions possible mount.

Source: ‘Communism’ strikes out in Cuba, but capitalism will not solve the problem. Whore houses and casinos are the main interest of those yankees? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

  China to sino-form the planet? China is one of the most ethnocentric cultures in the world, global domination will never succeed…

uh-oh, we need a new blog category: yellow peril.

The book here in question is from a critic, apparently, but is provocative on the future of the Chinese brand of civilization/communism. The flaw was in the original Marxist model and the Bolshevik heritage is fatally confusing. The American brand is already a failure. Let’s learn some kind of lesson here.
Let us hope the Chinese are not dumb enough to act as charged.
Christian nations had an entire religion of cultural integration, and even that failed. The Chinese could never integrate a global culture save at the level of genocide, the starting point for the Maoist venture: one million capitalists murdered.
China does not have the cultural or ideological resources to make the world an empire, save at the level of barbarism. Its action in Tibet and with the Uighurs shows at once that it will fail but it could fail through genocide first. I blame the author of this critique, maybe…
Communism was a failure from the start and guarantees China’s failure.

This book on China is compelling and invites comparison with the US. I should refrain instead, it is VERY hard to get it right, but some speculative warnings. There is something tragic about both C…

Source:  US, China: US, beacon of democracy or continental rape by a bunch of hooligans…? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The origins and degeneration of the Chinese Communist Party 

The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its centenary. From its origins among a handful of activists in an economically underdeveloped country occupied by more advanced capitalist powers, to the hegemonic bureaucracy ruling what is now one of the most powerful imperialist states in world history, the CCP has undergone several transformations.

Source: The origins and degeneration of the Chinese Communist Party | Red Flag

 From Marx to Stalin a lost opportunity…//The Jakarta Method: … – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The first part of this important book has a history of the emergence of anticommunism, which begins after the first World War and the counterrevolution of the US/Europe against the Bolsheviks, but intensifies into the Cold War after World War II.
Many readers on the left have a hard time with critiques of Marx, but it is clear now that the left throughout has shot itself in the foot and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. If instead of Marxism_to_Stalinism the left had produced a benign, democratic form of socialism able to think coherently about what that means and able to construct a viable economy, the world would have moved into international socialism very rapidly after World War II, as the US gov must have realized all too well. The communist left had the whole world for the taking in the period just after WWII. Even Italy and France had elected communists. Greece could have joined them, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, were threshold cases. Instead the whole potential ended up in Stalinist madness and confusions. We can consider the immense opportunity thrown away by Stalin, but must indict the whole Marxist as it canon failed on the spot, and within a decade or so the whole possibility was lost. The left based in Marxism was simply incapable of the socialism/they proclaimed and had created a complete red herring in Bolshevism that failed in every instance.
No doubt it has its own flaws (it is a model with variants, and simulations) but our DMNC could in principle have created a robust and viable International of postcapitalism, with planning, socialist markets, democracies and economic and political rights. In the whole legacy from 1917 none of the aborted experiments could even manage habeas corpus and all ended in liquidations. Cuba included.
As the system of world capitalism starts to nosedive the left needs a new framework beyond marxism/leninism and its inexorable stalinism.

This book shows how in the end the US conspired for genocide in Indonesia in a massacre the equal of anything in Stalinism.

It is almost impossible to consider oneself and American anymore: the US is a criminal organization…

Source:  Grand  ol’ US: a system of covert psychopaths and their mass murder…//The Jakarta Method: … – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Our DMNC failsafe model: China is a neoliberal gangster state, it is NOT a communist realization….//100-year anniversary: Why do people join the Chinese Communist Party? 

Our critique of Marxist theory and the Bolshevik legacy can help to see what we have frequently said: by not defining terms anyone can claim their meaning. China did not collapse in 1989, too bad. It could have had the ‘success’ it has now outside of the false communist model. But that would of course validate the capitalist model. But China is in reality a neoliberal colony of global capitalism. To achieve ‘real communism’ it must dismantle its illusory system and stage a real and novel revolution.
Our DMNC model exposes at once the illusion: we must have democracy, an economy with planning, and markets, and most of all a Commons. Not state capitalism. In addition, we must infuse this model an ecological set of lenses. This form of definition, for the future, disqualifies the Chinese monstrosity on the spot. Over and out.
We can see the point of our insistence that the left must start over with a new set of categories, as above, and this quick take is of course still incomplete. But it raises key questions: how do you create a democracy in a system which has expropriated capital? What do we mean by planning and do recent computational models really work? What is a socialist market and can we create a market based on licensed resources? What is a Commons, how is it different from state communism or state ownership? Cam our neo-communism overcome covert agency murder, state/capitalist imperialism, and establish a new definition of democracy that also excludes the current pseudo-democracy? What do we mean b a Commons and how can it resolve once and for all the issue of economic (and liberal) rights.
We can see that Marxism was hopelessly confusing, never intended for precapitalist peasant states, etc…It shouldn’t have been that way, but it was. Our DMNC model works on any kind of starting point, peasant, capitalist, feudal, … and even pseudo-communism as in China.

The Chinese Communist Party boasts 92 million members from all walks of life, drawn by ideology, ambition, and the pragmatic knowledge of how to get ahead in the world’s second-largest economy. But little is known about the inner workings of the secretive organization, where open criticism is still taboo. As China prepares to celebrate the […]

Source: 100-year anniversary: Why do people join the Chinese Communist Party? | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

Archive: birth of an idea: What is the Red Forty-eight Group?

R48G: What is the Red Forty-eight Group?
October 31, 2018

This refers to a discussion at the old Darwiniana blog of an imaginary leftist group whose name echoes the heroic saga of the 1848 years. We are still echoing that period when in the wake of the French Revolution the first socialist and communist movements and their philosophies emerged. Continue reading “Archive: birth of an idea: What is the Red Forty-eight Group?”