Cuba and the capitalist trojan horse

Over and over again we have pointed that socialism/communism emerging from marxism ends up (in the few cases where if even had a chance, cuba a prime case) in confusion and a dilemma. After so many years one and the same erosion occurs and we can see here as elsewhere that the marxist abstractions confuse the issue and lead to a malformed economic ‘socialism’. Here our DMNC could makes a socialist situation into a robust economy.
Our democratic market neo-communism suggests that a real socialism must construct a decent economy and that is a hybrid of planning and markets, based on a Commons, that is, given a transition via expropriation as real communism, the result can allow markets based on resources licensed from the Commons. The result can preempt the inexorable retrograde re-emergence of crypto-capitalism. The marxist formulation inevitably creates a false division.
Cuba is in a good situation in theory since it could transit to such a new combination and forestall the trojan horse of capitalist elements leading to a counterrevolution…

Source: Where is Cuba going? Speaking tour of Cuban Marxist in Europe

 Liberalism remorphed as socialism, and vice versa…

The left is its own worst enemy and consistently ends in confusion because it is incapable of defining its own slogans or creating a sensible framework.
We have suggested over and the need for a constructive set of definitions of a new society and in addition have critiqued the way the stark contrast of liberal, usually capitalist, systems as against socialism is confusing everyone. The result is the confusion of democracy, bourgeois capitalist government and amnesia as to the source of the original democracies in question. Continue reading ” Liberalism remorphed as socialism, and vice versa…”

 Improve capitalism, now a fatal dose? our DMNC does just that

This view is in fact wrong: capitalism, whatever it got right, has suddenly gotten planetary survival wrong: it is proving fatal to the whole planetary system. Improve it? How so, short of revolution?

In fact, our DMNC, ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows just what is possible here: Continue reading ” Improve capitalism, now a fatal dose? our DMNC does just that”

Communism, the early modern, and Thomas Munzer

Although the issue of democracy is fundamental to any and all political discourse the fact remains that its birth in the early modern was contradictory from the start, the term itself coming relatively late.
We see that the question was muddled in the sixteenth century during the restoration (counterrevolution?) Continue reading “Communism, the early modern, and Thomas Munzer”