Corona Capitalism and its Coming Collapse 

In its rapid and ruthless rise from early laissez-faire stages, capitalism appears to have inadvertently reached its last hurrah with the COVID-19 pandemic. Corona capitalism carries with it a host of chronic social diseases accumulated over many decades of brutal exploitation, but also adds a fatal one not previously experienced or expected. Well over 22 More

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A Grim New Definition of Generation X 

People born in the 1960s may be the last human beings who will get to live out their full actuarial life expectancies.”Climate change now represents a near- to mid-term existential threat” to humanity, warns a recent policy paper by an Australian think tank. Civilization, scientists say, could collapse by 2050. Some people may survive. Not many.Some dismiss such purveyors of apocalyptic prognoses as hysterics. To the contrary, they’re Pollyannas. Every previous “worst-case scenario” prediction for the climate has turned out to have understated the gravity of the situation.

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