macroevolution programs art/music over millennia?…// Is the tragic genre dead? and classical music? Darwinists have totally confused the question of evolution

This post was revised and expanded several times and became overcomplicated, but still its point is clear: world history and its macroevolutionary process show a kind of guided ‘evolution’ and this involves even low level detail: artforms, down to the meters of poetry, are influenced by this process.
That shows Darwinian ideas applied as random evolution (in deep time or civilization) are completely off the mark.

The question of the tragic genre is difficult: in fact no one has ever been able to define it, except maybe the charming attempt by Chaucer (Aristotle in the background): Tragedie is to seyn a ceTrt…

Source: Is the tragic genre dead? and classical music? – 1848+: The End(s) of History