Tom Paine, Christianity, and Modern Psychiatry

Beyond Common Sense, most Americans know little about Thomas Paine (1737-1809). Few know that at the end of Paine’s life, he had become a pariah in U.S. society, and for many years after his death, he was either ignored or excoriated—the price he paid for The Age of Reason and its disparagement of religious institutions, especially Christianity. More

Source: Tom Paine, Christianity, and Modern Psychiatry

three hundred million doing hatha yoga isn’t much of a spiritual movement…//In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wins in Landslide Re-election – The Gurdjieff Con

The left needs to consider the question of India, but that is a difficult question entirely. Perhaps Indian socialists can manage it, but the ideology of marxist historical materialism may be a bum steer. One thing India doesn’t need is christianity and we can see that the latter is itself going into terminal decline. Globalization, cultural not just economic, has left the orphan of hinduism at the world’s doorstep.

We can’t solve the politics of India save to note that its incredibly archaic tradition is betraying its future. Consider the still dominant tyranny of caste. We need as outsiders to critique…

Source: three hundred million doing hatha yoga isn’t much of a spiritual movement…//In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wins in Landslide Re-election – The Gurdjieff Con

are the new atheists confusing the issue?…//Here are 8 simple ways right-wing evangelicals are driving Americans to atheism
We have suggested that the passing of christianity and judaism is part of a larger movement that began with the Reformation and the whole transformation of the early modern. The Reformation is a tricky phenomenon because its surface transformation of christian belief belied a deeper passage to a post-christian future. We can see the phenomenon in antiquity as the religions of the sumerian/egyptian/indic greater antiquity experienced novel entries and the passing of the religions of an earlier era.
We can see this now accelerating process entering a terminal phase in the modern case.
We should note that while the ‘New Atheist’ movement may be a significant factor it is not the basic determinant: the dogmatic atheism of that group is in many ways confusing people. The passage beyond christianity is about an historical religion coming to an end and that has no intrinsic connection to the ‘god’ question. To see this look at the buddhist legacy where the same ‘secular’ transformation is beginning to occur (in the mutated version that has passed into the west), this is an atheist religion. Its passing will not produce ‘theism’ in its disillusioned ex-followers, in the curious symmetry/mirror image of the secularization of theistic and atheistic religions.
The new atheists are confusing the issue with a new gestating fanaticism: but the question of atheism is indeterminate. And we can see how the richard dawkins era has created almost a new religion based on his extreme darwinian fundamentalism. This cult has come to dominate secular opinion with a tissue of pseudo-science. So we should be less arrogant about the coming collapse of christianity: we will soon contend with a new ‘scientfic’ priesthood enforcing evolutionary dogmas from darwinian true believers. Dawkins attempts to use a false attack on design arguments to prove there is no god, a new popery of belief… (there can ‘religion’ after christianity and real science after darwinian pseudo-science)…

We will have to struggle against the now wide-ranging domination of this cult and its stranglehold on secular opinion: le plus ca change…

The design argument should be considered on its own merits, extricated from the religious propaganda of the ID groups.  The sense of design is inescapable and is not ground for theistic obsessions, cf. the now nearly ancient discussion of Kant. To challenge the use of the design argument by religionists is essential, but the attempt to use natural selection theory to promote atheism by the dawkins cults is still another pitfall.

If the Catholic Bishops, their Evangelical Protestant allies, and other Right-wing fundamentalists had the sole objective of decimating religious belief, they couldn’t be doing a better job of it. Testimonials at sites like show that people leave religion for a number of reasons, …

Source: Here are 8 simple ways right-wing evangelicals are driving Americans to atheism –

 The rapid disintegration of christianity….

Christians are unaware of the rapid disintegration of christianity (and judaism) as viable religions in a secular age. In many ways the views of secular humanists are confirmed and their agitation successful in mvoing modern culture beyond monotheism (if not ‘religion’). But modern atheism taken as equivalent to the secular has produced its own confusions. The struggle for a reasonable understanding is difficult and the confusing legacy of christianity with its extravagant theological farce is a difficult terrain to navigate. The mysterious spiritual powers behind it(who seem to have abandoned it), and in the context of the eonic effect, make right understanding impossible in traditional terms. We should therefore urge simply walking away from christianity as it degenerates but remaining wary of religious ambiguity in the context of dishonest and deceptive theistic propagandas.

Source: How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story  – Last Man There