Updated: Abortion and human psychology…two streams of ‘soul’ religion… Staying wary of Christianity….the pernicious idiocy of the Popes on abortion…

Christianity is uniquely confused and plagued with disinformation. The realm of secular humanism is almost worse, but your basic option in a secular time. There is no reason why secular humanism has to be so braindead. And there is no reason for such people to dismiss all spiritual beliefs as superstitions. Such people have rarely studied Kant and can’t see their own metaphysics and superstition. They find Nietzche groovy and degenerate into pseudo-philosophers. The issues of soul are a case in point. There is much superstition there, but the core meme is an aspect of human psychology and can’t be amputated. Spiritual beliefs are in the materialism of Samkhya equally material and many students of yoga claim to be doing a spiritual study, but yoga invokes Samkhya at the start and is thus not technically a ‘spiritual subject’.
The history of Christianity can help as a ‘religious’ exercise to see the way the whole subject degenerated, turning ideological and political and serves no purpose beyond crowd control by politicians.

I think our comments on abortion and soul are on the mark although there are still many obscure points here. But the theological injunction against abortion by the theologians has totally misled the public. Such people are not spokesmen for god, but hopless idiots in a tradition so corrupted as to be a dead loss. The reproductive process is an aspect of nature which all too often spawns unlimited or exponential life processes. We must bring human reason to bear to see that women cannot be regulated in the manner of theological now rightist/fascist politics.

I have revised this at some points as indicated as notes in a further update… Update: this account here can I hope help to orient thinking on abortion and soul questions, but it is still some…

Source: Updated: Abortion and human psychology…two streams of ‘soul’ religion… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

 Checkmate for historical materialists? ghosts, boddhisattwas, et al. as historical agents??? a speculative aside (pilfered from shakesbeard’s hamlet?)

If I have appeared hostile to Marxism it is because I share their basic theme of socialist transition and would hope it can repair itself after the colossal failure of Bolshevism.

But more directly I will offer a speculative take on its materialism along with ditto ditto for ‘secular humanism’ which in some form or other is my own view. But the stubborn facts of religion in history and the basic obscurity of its full content/context suggests a speculative interpretation of historical agents.
First, how would a historical materialist explain the clear parallel of Mahayana and Christianity? In fact, I can think of a very simple explanation which I offer as ‘off the wall’ but relevant to understanding historical agency: how in fact could histomat explain ‘enlightenment’ without discarding it as superstition? Further what happens to those who do reach ‘englightenment’.
To me there is a set of obvious ‘answers’, the enlightened entities in relation to Buddhism (but in some larger sense unknown to us) cease rebirth but persist in disembodied ‘existence’ and move to influence history in their action and by the time of the birth of Christianity and Mahayana are directing their new starting points. Many have actually said so, btw, but in accounts too often very muddled. There is far more than this to the whole question, but this aspect needs a hearing in conventional histories despite the inability of secular humanists to evade religious idiocy.
There is clearly an agency in history beyond the eonic effect but into which ‘spiritual’ agents intervene and generate religious histories.
We will leave it at that for the moment.

We added two updates to our post on /marxism/world history/eonic model, link below. The question of marxism and world history raises so many issues that the post could go on and on. We note two iss…

Source: two updates: The left and the modern transition, Christianity and Mahayana in parallel… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

two updates: The left and the modern transition, Christianity and Mahayana in parallel…

We added two updates to our post on /marxism/world history/eonic model, link below. The question of marxism and world history raises so many issues that the post could go on and on.
We note two issues: the rise of the left in the modern world is itself an eonic effect, which means that Marx/Engels are themselves data in the eonic history or sequence. They appear in fact just outside the modern transition (whose boundary is perhaps fuzzy) in a mixture that remains unclear of ‘system action’ and ‘free action’. The point would seem that democracy and socialism are paired eonic effects, but that socialism arrives a little late, for the obvious reason is that capitalism and the Industrial Revolution are clustered near the ‘divide’. But the issues of socialism appear very early with More (a conservative with however his Utopia) and Thomas Munzer and the early intimations of socialism in the English Civil War. The question of the divide is tricky and I would be wary of the idea before an extensive study of the eonic data in world history. But the point is that a socialist response to capitalism has its own mysterious historical signature, thus with good reason to honor its historical meaning and to also be wary of its possible distortions. More on this later…
The issue of Christianity is super complex and yet in a larger context it makes sense as a continuation of the phenomenon of emergent religions in the Axial Age, itself a part of the eonic sequence. But its actual realization is outside the early transition and its starting point is to say the least obscure. But we can see that even as Mahayana starts to emerge with its theme of the ‘savior religion’ one such appears in concert thousands of miles away in the accident. Coincidence? We must suspect the larger context of the eonic sequence going through its phase of generating religions and Christianity, and then Islam are connected with the later history of the early transitional phase of the remarkable proto-Israelites whose actual history is still barely known to us. A lot more to say here…

Update: one of the ironies of our critique here is that modern left, and the emergence of democracy AND socialism are ‘eonic effects’, correlated with the eonic sequence in the modern transition and this starts with both the Reformation and the appearance of Thomas Munzer. So, and it is a good laugh, Marx/Engels are themselves ‘eonic data’.
Update 2: the emergence of Christianity (in the context of the early Israelite transition) is in fact a mystery even now (despite its obvious connection indirectly via the Judaic legacy) and is not an eonic effect as such and yet is directly parallel with the emergence of the Mahayana in the second stage of Buddhism around the period of the turn of the millennium. The history of Christianity is thus a super mystery, yet obviously connecte to the larger pattern of religious development in the Axial Age. Historical materialism is almost laughable as a means of explanation here. But everyone else is confused also, including Christians themselves.

Source: world history shows a clear dynamic in the eonic effect…//How Marxists View the Middle Ages – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Beat the devil? hey it’s a Bogart movie…//Virtual church of the holy brick? religion, socialism, secularism

Keeping americans in line: we won’t get an apology for the Zionist mafia, Israeli crimes against humanity, and the jewish lobby’s destruction of American democracy…

We had a post a while back on the issue of Christianity, next to the obscure Judaism, and their slow but steady passing away, and seeming downfall into ‘evil’, speaking of American Protestantism. As a secular humanist, I don’t believe in the ‘devil’, but I can take up a bit of Tillich: The concept of the demonic in the thought of Paul Tillich and its root in J. Boehme, F.W. Schelling and the Lutheran mysticism, or better yet students of ceremonial magic and other demonic subjects, e.g. Aleister Crowley, the magickal psychopath (with a k)…Monotheism was always a cryptic form of ceremonial magic, in some obscure sense, and what happens as you break the rules is a nasty surprise. This is surely a generalizable observation applicable to all, no? perhaps not. Take another example: Buddhist meditators or others who meditate with the aim of enlightenment find themselves beset with the ‘demon Mara’, an illusion of metaphysics, but a strange sense of being behind that metaphysical wall sensing an ominous other.
I can’t close the case except to note that these religions don’t belong to humanity, as such: they have been declared the property of the unseen and the unknown. The collapse of Christianity, and no doubt Judaism, (Islam?) is part of an ‘eonic shift’ (read below) and its fate halfway through the process is a complex mess of pottage/evil…Who knows? But the endgame of evangelical Protestantism and zionist crime shows the whole game entering a ‘dark side’ (as if it wasn’t always that way in some sense) of political blackholehood. Instead of being half in/half out, best to simply walk away. Secular humanists have their problems, and limits, and an often sterile atheism, but they have an element of healthy psyches able to heal.
It is sometimes said that the worst thing about the ‘devil’ is that he makes you believe he doesn’t exist. That’s rubbish, a muddle of the above. There is no ‘devil, but the demonic can be a tricky metaphysical paradox in action. The tide of secularism as to monotheism is inexorable, or so it seems. The question of Judaism is still more obscure: membership in a religion is a question of birth in a social grouping. That’s a blessing until it becomes a curse. There is no secure way to get ‘outside’. Except that there is, a figure such as Einstein found the way.


The ‘virtual church of the holy brick’ is a somewhat (deliberately) outlandish concept useful for considering the place of religion in a future socialism, complete with its foundation stone, that holy brick. Continue reading “Beat the devil? hey it’s a Bogart movie…//Virtual church of the holy brick? religion, socialism, secularism”

 The passing away of christianity…jesus christ is NOT your personal savior…,// The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams

We have discussed Christianity many times on this blog from a viewpoint related to but different from the realm of ‘secular humanism’ which tends to be shallow. It is hard to estimate the degree of the religious threat from the right at a time when a fascist spectrum is arising in association with rightist religious groups. But one thing is clear: it is a last-ditch effort by religion in retreat. And what a degenerate endgame it is. But ironically the inherent weaknesses of Christianity stand out as the last embers of this monotheistic legacy flicker out.
Somehow nonetheless there is fault on both sides. Secular humanism in its origin but then in its later decline has proven inadequate to the case.

The secular world cannot stand up to the Christian system and one result is that the demented third rate religion of degraded Christianity cannot be challenged in public and/or by politicians. And yet that religion, a point well understood by buddhists and others, is a religion of salvation that can’t save anyone, inflicts the most idiotic rituals and beliefs about prayer, an imaginary jesus, ‘god’, and the nature of the church, both now and in history. The strangest thing about christianity is that it simply can’t handle the idea of god and inflicts a hopeless muddle on its adherents in a ‘package’ that corrupts thought and which can never lead to spiritual understanding. This kind of criticism applied to early education could free millions from the distorted delusions inflicted by the tradition. Here the problem of early Christianity looms to confuse even more. We sense that something lost to us characterized that early era. Whatever it was we have lost it now. Best to face reality. Christianity (and Judaism) are passing away even as they have repeatedly tried to make a comeback and over the era of the modern, in the US, displaced a secular politics with a species of corrupt politician playing the Christian in the demonic endgame of a religious cynicism, exploitation of innocent minds allowed no feedback with reality. The collision with the world of psychology is often counterproductive. That world is equally shallow and cannot produce a true ‘spiritual’ psychology. But Christianity can’t either. The result is an aborted modernity cursed with endless recursions of exploitative Christian pseudo-theology.

It can help to stop thinking Christianity has anything sacred about it and simply call it our for what it is. People need to move on, and their ‘salvation’ needs to be confronted beyond the deliberate lies of churches aimed at subjugating populations in the manner of the religion of the Christian emperors whose capture of some unknown original turned into the instrument of religious domination and repression. Behold, the congregations of christian retards….

The white Christian nationalists get together

As Congress debates voting rights and investing in the people, it’s important to understand the dark forces that underlie the increasingly reactionary and authoritarian politics on the rise in this country.

Source: Opinion | The White Christian Nationalism Tearing America Apart at the Seams | Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

[Video] On the historical origins of Christianity

This theme on the left is very engaging and probably on the mark, but unfortunately we can’t be too sure of anything and in any case it happened a long time ago. Leftists can delude themselves here: these ancients christians believed in ‘souls’ and immortality and the problem there is that it might be materialists get the whole thing wrong because a savior with a soul can change his mind and if ‘jesus’ was really a kind of sufi he might have been closer to a dark figure like Gurdjieff and/or have turned into a fascist, as seems to have happened with esoteric buddhists. So should commies/materialists/and marxoids convert to the way of sweet Jesus? He was no democrat and never said anything whatever about slavery. I would be wary of sentimental thoughts about Jesus, long gone, or ‘christ???’ being of much help on the left, in our own time.
Still, claiming Jesus for the left is brazenly apt.
And Jesus was an almost evanescent figure in a triad of three, John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul. The whole game seems designed to give Jesus a cameo appearance while the real effect is with the larger dynamic, especially the figure Paul who seems no proletarian revolutionary. The whole thing was designed by figures in the background, we suspect, and we cannot be sure of what they intended. Overall Jesus was gone before he ever even got started.

At this festive time of year, we share the following lead off by Alan Woods on the origins of Christianity, which provides a Marxist answer to 2,000 years of myths, lies and distortions.

Source: [Video] On the historical origins of Christianity

Virtual church of the holy brick? religion, socialism, secularism

The ‘virtual church of the holy brick’ is a somewhat (deliberately) outlandish concept useful for considering the place of religion in a future socialism, complete with its foundation stone, that holy brick.

To a close look, the history of socialism shows defeat by the issues of religion, monotheism in particular. In part, Continue reading “Virtual church of the holy brick? religion, socialism, secularism”